Definitions and meanings of "Plump"

What do we mean by plump?

To drop abruptly or heavily. intransitive verb

To give full support or praise. intransitive verb

To throw down or drop (something) abruptly or heavily. intransitive verb

A heavy or abrupt fall or collision. noun

The sound of a heavy fall or collision. noun

Blunt; direct. adjective

With a heavy or abrupt drop. adverb

With a full or sudden impact. adverb

Directly. adverb

Without qualification; bluntly. adverb

Well-rounded and full in form; chubby. synonym: fat. adjective

Abundant; ample. adjective

To make well-rounded or full in form. intransitive verb

To become well-rounded, chubby, or full in form. intransitive verb

A knot; a cluster; a group; a clump; a number of persons, animals, or things closely united or standing together; a covey. noun

Full and well-rounded; hence,of a person, fleshy; fat; chubby: as, a plump figure; a plump habit of body; of things, filled out and distended; rounded: as, a plump seed.

Figuratively, round; fat; large; full.

Dry; hard.

To grow plump; enlarge to fullness; swell.

To grow plump; to swell out.

To make plump; to fill (out) or support; often with up.

To cast or let drop all at once, suddenly and heavily.

To give a plumper (kind of vote).

To give (a vote), as a plumper.

To favor or decide in favor of something.

A "polite" way of calling somebody fat.  Urban Dictionary

Word to describe someone who is overweight but not obese.  Urban Dictionary

Fat; tubby; chubby; whale-like; blubbery; wobbly; immobile; fatassed; manboobulant; stuck; jiggly; bulgy; rotund; spherical-assed; pudgy; water-filled  Urban Dictionary

Packed full, sweet, awesome. used when reffering to something cool.  Urban Dictionary

An adjective used to describe scene girls  Urban Dictionary

Thic, juicy and soft. It can be a statement or a compliment  Urban Dictionary

Chubby, Fat, Well Rounded  Urban Dictionary

(1) When one or more men go out to a club, bar, or McDonald's for the sole purpose of hitting on and/or hooking up with overweight, fat, or, preferably, obese women. (2) A great american pasttime, also known as "fat macking"  Urban Dictionary

Fucked by a fat chick; frumped by a fatty or plumper. Being made into a plumper pumper against one's better judgment or even involuntarily. Getting fat bitched.  Urban Dictionary

Plump is known as girls with good pussy, all shape and sizes.  Urban Dictionary

The word "plump" in example sentences

How to use plump in a sentence? Example sentences with the plump, a sentence example for plump, and how to make plump in sample sentence, how do I use the word plump in a sentence? How do you spell plump in a sentence?

And running his eyes over those still standing on the bank, he called a plump little woman, the wife of a Llandaff tutor, who had been walking with Mrs. Hooper. ❋ Humphry Ward (1885)

"Look," he said, "on these fellows, that we call the plump Hollanders; behold their diligence in fishing, and our own careless negligence!" ❋ Samuel Smiles (1858)

September 10, 2009 at 9:25 pm who u be calling plump! ❋ Unknown (2009)

“O, slothful England and careless countrymen! look but on these fellows that we call the plump Hollanders! ❋ Birrell, Augustine, 1850-1933 (1905)

'There was a time when I was called plump Reuben,' quoth my friend, as we rode together up the winding track. ❋ Arthur Conan Doyle (1894)

At the end of another six months the men called her plump, and the women fat. ❋ Unknown (1893)

That young lassie will get described as plump some day, if she doesn't take care. ❋ William Frend De Morgan (1878)

Nancy, Polly and Peggy -- four blooming lasses of ages ranging from ten to fourteen, and bearing to each other so strong a family likeness that they may collectively be described as plump, fair, rosy, blue-eyed and brown-haired. ❋ Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1859)

As one friend remembers, Denny had a personality "that could fill a room", but she was beset with insecurities about her appearance - she was devastated when a music journalist referred to her as "plump" - and her career was increasingly undermined by heavy drinking and drug use. ❋ Mick Brown (2011)

America leads the world in obesity, and while you might prefer the term pleasingly plump, that extra weight is overtaxing your heart and joints, hardening your arteries and inviting diabetes. ❋ M.D. Richard W. Besdine (2011)

In plans dubbed "plump my ride" - in a play of words from the television show Pimp My Ride - BMW has recruited 800 volunteers, ranging from the slim to the obese, for a study to gauge how obesity affects mobility while driving. ❋ Andrew Hough (2011)

What preacher would use this unpreachable biblical text to call plump parishioners to repentance? ❋ Unknown (2010)

NEW YORK -- A New York City Ballet dancer says a newspaper critic needn't apologize for calling her plump in a performance of "The Nutcracker." ❋ Unknown (2010)

New York Times ballet critic Alastair Macaulay needn't apologize for calling her plump in a performance of "The Nutcracker." ❋ Unknown (2010)

But when you finally land a table at the crowded Macau-style cafe, you will find that all around you everybody has ordered the same thing: the house-special crab, which is to say a plump, honestly sized crustacean dipped in thin batter, dusted with spices and fried to a glorious crackle, a pile of salty, dismembered parts sprinkled with a handful of pulverized fried garlic and just enough chile slices to set your mouth aglow. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In a recent crossword puzzle, the clue for 19 across was Zaftig, and the word 'plump' was the five-letter answer. ❋ Unknown (2010)

" [oh] don't [worry], you're [just a little] plump." ❋ Hellboy (2003)

[Nicole Richie] used to be plump before she [started] [withering away]. ❋ WannaBeCow (2006)

You plump motherfucker, [all you] can do is move your neck to [turn around] when the [fridge] gets repossesed! ❋ Bastardized Bottomburp (2003)

That [car] is [pretty] plump. ❋ Chas Michael Michaels (2007)

[omg] [that girl] is so plump. ❋ Rawrxxxxrawk (2006)

"Oh [Janelle] you are looking really [plump] [lately]" ❋ Island Boi23 (2017)

'Have you seen Lewis' [belly] recently? He's definitely [beginning] to look a little [plump].' ❋ MCLCLCNCJCOC123 (2017)

" Hey man, me and John are gonna [go plumping] tonight, [would you like to] accompany us?" "I would LOVE to attend, I [thoroughly] enjoy plumping!" ❋ Nolan Collins (2007)

It was hog night and we went to each find a big fat fatty. We all said "[hog hard or hog home]" and told each other "[happy hogging]". John had second thoughts, but got drunk and ended up with a buffet slayer. He claimed that he had been fat bitched only because he got so drunk but we knew that he had not been plumped involuntarily. We knew that he enjoyed it and we told him that he was a hogger and a [hippo farmer] and a chunk fucker who enjoyed his tubby little war pig. ❋ PMax (2008)

Him: “[girl] [this pussy] [plump]” ❋ Pursu3d (2019)

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