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Hyphenation plus
Pronunciations /plʌs/

Definitions and meanings of "Plus"

What do we mean by plus?

Increased by the addition of. conjunction

Added to; along with. conjunction

And. conjunction

Positive or on the positive part of a scale. adjective

Added or extra. adjective

Increased to a further degree or number. adjective

Ranking on the higher end of a designated scale. adjective

Positive. adjective

Plus-size. adjective

The plus sign (+). noun

A positive quantity. noun

A favorable condition or factor. noun

More (by a certain amount); increased (by a specified addition): followed by a noun as an apparent object (a preposition, by, to be supplied): as, the interest plus the disbursements amounts to so much; 6 plus 9 is 15: in this and the next two uses correlative to minus.

More than nothing; belonging to the positive side, as of an account; above zero, or above the lowest point of positive reckoning: as, a plus quantity in an equation (that is, one having the plus sign, or when initial having no sign, before it).

Marking more than zero; positive: as, the plus sign.

In etymology, in composition with; with the addition of (the word or element following): expressed, as in mathematics, by the sign + (see the etymologies in this work). The same sign is occasionally used to indicate cognate or related forms

More, required to be added; positive, as distinguished from negative; -- opposed to minus. adjective

Hence, in a literary sense, additional; real; actual. adjective

The sign (+) which denotes addition, or a positive quantity. adjective

Sum of the previous one and the following one. conjunction

A positive quantity.

An asset or useful addition.

A plus sign: +.

To vote it add something you like....Came into use after Google Plus debut. Urban Dictionary

The act of adding a friend to your circle on Google plus. Urban Dictionary

To be acting in a homo-curious way, but among peers who have deducted the hetero-sexual lifestyle of the person in question. The word is a marginal insult generally used among friends. Urban Dictionary

A girl who is overweight, but not to the extent of deuce status. Urban Dictionary

(v) to add someone to the distribution list of an email or message thread. Urban Dictionary

The dirty, eastern European version of "in addition to". Usually said by someone with an accent whose first language is clearly not English. Urban Dictionary

People Like Us. A subtle reference to people of the same socio-economic class. Urban Dictionary

"people Like Us" commonly use among straight looking homosexual when identifying themselves among each other. Urban Dictionary

V. to click the "+1" button that is integrated with Google +. Similar in use to "Like" for Facebook. Urban Dictionary

PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) is a private Lutheran university located in the ghetto-ass town of Parkland, WA. It was founded back in 1890 by Bjuge Harstad and some other Lutheran missionaries from Minnesota. Today PLU is a D-III University with an total enrolment of just under 3700 students. The campus accomodates around 1700 students in it's nine residence halls, Hinderlie, Ordal, Kreidler, Stuen, Hong, Foss, Pfluger, Tinglestad, Hartstad and South. The campus is divided into upper and lower campus by "Hinderlie hill" so named because it runs down the hill behind Hinderlie Hall. The halls on upper campus consist mainly of fine arts and communication students and is in general the quiet half of campus. The lower campus area has a reputation for being the partying half of campus. This is in large part because lower campus is where most of the athelets live. PLU is also home to one of the best music programs in the country. The flagship choir, Choir of the West is recognized perennialy as one of the best in the nation. The University is well know for it's exelent music ed program as well as the performance majors. The Langerquist concert hall hosts over 100 concerts a year including performances by all of PLU's 16 ensambles as well as many professional and faculty ensambles. One other impressive feature of the concert hall is the impressive Jack and Merry Faust organ. This grand insturment serves as the stunning center piece of the concert hall stage. Organists from all of the country and the world come to PLU to give concerts on the organ. PLU is also known for having one of the best nursing programs in the region and the pre-professional health (pre-med) program is second only to the University of Washington in students accepted into the prestigious UW medical school. Over all PLU is a very well rounded university that offers something for everyone but the one thing that all students of PLU find is a memorable experience. Urban Dictionary

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The word "plus" in example sentences

Miami want ad: 'Terrorist experience a plus' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Miami want ad: \'Terrorist experience a plus\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: Convicted Cuban American terrorists living freely in Miami as freedom fighters while the U.S. government looks on. ' ❋ Unknown (2008)

That is, a non-mammalian is a fertilized egg _plus_ its parental (or extra-parental) environment; but a mammalian individual is a fertilized egg, _plus its intra-maternal environment_, plus its non-parental environment. ❋ Melvin Moses Knight (1934)

Just as an effect and an individual give rise to the idea of one thing, so the effect plus cause, and the individual _plus_ generic character, also give rise to the idea of one thing only. ❋ George Thibaut (1881)

Page 13. 9. plus de Vendredi! plus de perroquet … plus possible: _plus_ is often used negatively without _ne_ when the verb is understood. ❋ Alphonse Daudet (1868)

Basic understanding of HTML (Dreamweaver skills are a plus, advanced HTML skills are a plus+). ❋ Unknown (2010)

The popular date simulator Love plus, a Nintendo DS title has had its newest title works leaked, Love plus+ (Note it has an extra plus! ❋ Unknown (2010)

To me, the main plus is that you can distribute in a lot of ways without having to pay for many of those outlets. ❋ Unknown (2007)

If you google the term plus climateaudit, you should locate the post. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He gained as a reward his title plus vast lands along the river after which he was named. ❋ Michener, James (1992)

I to saw the "Part 1" in the title plus the statement in the last paragraph: "the next dispatch or two, is meant to describe what I witnessed, in order to set the context of my private conversation". ❋ Unknown (2010)

The expanded soundtrack includes all nine tracks from the title plus seven unreleased songs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

HANSEN: Do you find the term plus size to be derogatory? ❋ Unknown (2010)

Regardless of how you define the term plus size, you should know there are plenty of appealing fashion choices available in this category. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They will include Polydor A&R Ellie Giles who has recently been involved in taking The Music and Delays to the label plus signing one of 2009's biggest new bands, White Lies. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And the path of transformation, reduced to its simplest terms, is the shift from the ego's negative relationship to life to the authentic self's positive relationship to life, which I call "plus one." ❋ Andrew Z. Cohen (2011)

Another plus is the depiction ofthe police colleagues – each character has his or her own foibles and the reader becomes absorbed in the routine and interactions of the cops. ❋ Maxine (2009)

I beer+ed last night.(beer [plussed]). meaning "I added (drank) beer last night" + me. meaning "[Add me]" G+ me. Meaning "Add me [to google] plus". ❋ Ag Arillon (2011)

"[Plus] me on [fa]...I mean [Google]. ❋ Eli Bman (2011)

Hey man, that [pink] [shizzle] is plus, [but whatever]. ❋ Erik Ud (2005)

I went on a [blind date] and was chagrined to find [that the] girl was [a plus]. ❋ Josh Guy (2004)

[Billy knows] about plants, so I [plussed] him to that question Jenny emailed about keeping [ferns] alive. ❋ Einar Ristroph (2019)

Hey [Boris], get me some [borscht]. Plus to that, a glass of vodka you dirty [commie]. ❋ Boris From Chechnya (2009)

I really [like that] [private school] [around the corner]. They parents there are people like us. ❋ Michael (2003)

"hey, [ur] [pal] is hot, is he [plu]?" ❋ Baby (2005)

Plus-ing actually affects [Google] [Searches]. That's [pretty cool]. ❋ MSGPresident (2011)

Man, I wished I had [applied] to PLU, their music [program] is so much better than [Central's]! ❋ Don_Vito (2009)

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