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Definitions of "point"

  • A sharp or tapered end: the point of a knife; the point of the antenna. noun
  • An object having a sharp or tapered end: a stone projectile point. noun
  • A tapering extension of land projecting into water; a peninsula, cape, or promontory. noun
  • A mark formed by or as if by a sharp end. noun
  • A mark or dot used in printing or writing for punctuation, especially a period. noun
  • A decimal point. noun
  • Linguistics A vowel point. noun
  • One of the protruding marks used in certain methods of writing and printing for the blind. noun
  • Mathematics A dimensionless geometric object having no properties except location. noun
  • Mathematics An element in a geometrically described set. noun
  • A place or locality considered with regard to its position: connections to Chicago and points west. noun
  • A narrowly particularized and localized position or place; a spot: The troops halted at a point roughly 1,000 yards from the river. noun
  • A specified degree, condition, or limit, as in a scale or course: the melting point of a substance. noun
  • Any of the 32 equal divisions marked at the circumference of a mariner's compass card that indicate direction. noun
  • The interval of 11°15ʹ between any two adjacent markings. noun
  • A distinct condition or degree: finally reached the point of exhaustion. noun
  • The interval of time immediately before a given occurrence; the verge: on the point of resignation; at the point of death. noun
  • A specific moment in time: At this point, we are ready to proceed. noun
  • An objective or purpose to be reached or achieved, or one that is worth reaching or achieving: What is the point of discussing this issue further? noun

The word "point" in example sentences

Shkedy's team uses the Bible as a starting point to see what animals were once in Israel, reading the Scriptures with a conservationists 'point of view.. [Zookeepers Try To Repopulate Israel With Biblical Animals]

Thom: And back to Chris Hedges 'point, and the larger point of is the planet melting down, are we melting down, and is it because of the way we think?. [OpEdNews - Diary: Chris Hedges' Extraordinary New Book "Empire of Illusion"]

BROWN: Go ahead, David, but to address this point about whether or not the players have leverage really or, as to James 'point earlier, would the owners actually decide, you know, if this turned into something, like, hey, we don't want to deal with this; who needs the controversy?. [CNN Transcript Oct 12, 2009]

"" We're trying to tell players that once you go past the point of [impasse], it's difficult to put the yolk back in the egg, '' said the Boston Red Sox's John Harrington, the owners 'point man.. [Baseball's Hardest Sell]

I want to just make one point about Paul's point -- James 'point, excuse me, and that it's not just Democrats that are -- excuse me, Republicans that are fired up this way and making these horrible statements like the one woman and even the gentleman who shouted "terrorist," listen, let me show you some of the e-mails that I get from the fired up left and Obama supporters.. [CNN Transcript Oct 12, 2008]

Thus, while Zeno accepts Socrates 'point that his own arguments aim to show that there are not many things, he corrects Socrates' impression that, in arguing this point, he was just saying the same thing as Parmenides in a different form.. [Zeno of Elea]

BROWN: But to Lars 'point, to Lar's point, Gloria, let's play devil's advocate, why are we demonizing all lobbyists?. [CNN Transcript Jul 28, 2008]

They had this thing called 'point of information 'where they get up and say point of information, and the speaker can choose to accept or decline, and the WA side did it so often, I swear it was just like the speaker had to just keep waving his arm in a' sit down 'motion.. [blu94anjel Diary Entry]

AMY HOLMES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: On Rowland's point and Bill 'point, I agree a lot of his speech was inspiring and the type of rhetoric we love as fellow Americans.. [CNN Transcript Jan 26, 2008]

The Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of pollutants from any 'point source' to waters of the United States unless authorized under a permit that is issued by EPA or a qualified state, and the act expressly defines CAFOs as point sources.. [Literary Warrant [16]]

The indexes 'point drops were the biggest one-day point falls in their history.. [Citigroup Acknowledges]

And from some of the Democrats 'point of view, they are making the point that while this particular -- these legal statuses don't -- they don't kick in until border enforcement is certified, there can be a probationary period.. [CNN Transcript May 17, 2007]

That is really the audience here from the Bush administration's point of view and from the Democrats 'point of view.. [CNN Transcript Sep 10, 2007]

Obviously from the family's point of view and from the rescuers 'point of view, I don't think devastating is the right word.. [CNN Transcript Dec 17, 2006]

I think to try to describe sort of abstractly, and it would be an abstraction, what a red line might be, I think it's difficult to do QUESTION: To the measure of success: Is the measure of success from your point of view, from the Israelis 'point of view then that they return the soldiers and stop?. [CNN Transcript Jul 19, 2006]

From the United States 'point of view, there seems to have been some backing off from what was originally a lot of very tough talk from Washington about taking measures that would lead to sanctions and lead to, perhaps, even military actions at some point.. [CNN Transcript May 2, 2006]

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