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Definitions of "pole"

  • Either extremity of an axis through a sphere. noun
  • Either of the regions contiguous to the extremities of the earth's rotational axis, the North Pole or the South Pole. noun
  • Physics A magnetic pole. noun
  • Electricity Either of two oppositely charged terminals, as in an electric cell or battery. noun
  • Astronomy A celestial pole. noun
  • Biology Either extremity of the main axis of a nucleus, cell, or organism. noun
  • Biology Either end of the spindle formed in a cell during mitosis. noun
  • Biology The point on a nerve cell where a process originates. noun
  • Either of two antithetical ideas, propensities, forces, or positions: "the moral poles of modern medicine: on the one hand, a tinkering with procreation with at best ambiguous, at worst monstrous moral possibilities. On the other hand, scientific skill and cunning unambiguously in the service of hope” ( Charles Krauthammer). noun
  • A fixed point of reference. noun
  • Mathematics The origin in a polar coordinate system; the vertex of a polar angle. noun
  • A long, relatively slender, generally rounded piece of wood or other material. noun
  • The long tapering wooden shaft extending up from the front axle of a vehicle to the collars of the animals drawing it; a tongue. noun
  • See rod. noun
  • A unit of area equal to a square rod. noun
  • Sports The inside position on the starting line of a racetrack: qualified in the time trials to start on the pole. noun
  • To propel with a pole: boatmen poling barges up a placid river. verb-transitive
  • To propel (oneself) or make (one's way) by the use of ski poles: "We ski through the glades on corn snow, then pole our way over a long one-hour runout to a road” ( Frederick Selby). verb-transitive
  • To support (plants) with a pole. verb-transitive

The word "pole" in example sentences

Period: May 2009* operation: elliptical orbit, 20 km (perilune) at south pole and 100 km (apolune) at north pole* mission: same as phase 2.. [Spaceports]

_horror_, and _flying from pole to pole_ to avoid a man because you have made him at last find out that he has a heart!. [Tales and Novels — Volume 08]

In place of the term pole, I propose using that of _Electrode_ [A], and I mean thereby that substance, or rather surface, whether of air, water, metal, or any other body, which bounds the extent of the decomposing matter in the direction of the electric current.. [Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1]

Factual: the night-time temperature at the pole is around - 130C (). [Mars Ain't The Kind of Place To Raise Your Kids. In Fact Its Cold As ... - NASA Watch]

In what we called the pole-of-consciousness and the pole-of-life we therefore have a clear polarity of the second order, and so in everything that is connected with these two, as our further discussions will show.. [Man or Matter]

For her part, Selectman Nancy Hyde said having a marker, which she called a pole, "is the most important thing to be able to find those fire hydrants," especially when they are covered by snow.. [The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS]

As most Supts have never done any decent police work in their lives the only way they can move up the pole is to keep reaching their targets and having a good “diversity” and “issue” agenda.. [Police Do As They Are Told Shock!!!! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

The temporary pole is installed, inspected and ready to go.. [EECB Scores Direct Hit On Duke Energy - The Consumerist]

The only reason people would buy this pole is because they think it looks cool, that's it.. [Camo Rods?]

That would be like wanting to see Albert Einstein pole-dance.. [Kerry: Palin should check out 'the view from her front porch']

Adjacent to the south pole is Shoemaker crater named in honor of famed planetary geologist Eugene Shoemaker.. [Newly Recovered Image of the Moon's South Pole - NASA Watch]

The moon's south pole is located near the rim of Shackleton Crater.. [Newly Recovered Image of the Moon's South Pole - NASA Watch]

One end of the pole is fastened so closely to the husky's neck that he cannot get at the thong with his teeth.. [Husky — The Wolf Dog of the North]

"This indeed seems a way for LVMH to be in pole position for a future Hermes acquisition," said Sanford Bernstein luxury-goods analyst Luca Solca.. [LVMH Takes Stake in Herm]

Medway oh the memories … the pole is still sticky.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Sweet jeebus, lookit this mess!]

Assuming he comes through, the flanker will be in pole position to reclaim the captaincy and save Johnson the task of anointing someone else.. [Martin Johnson primes England to square up to All Black challenge]

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