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Definitions of "political"

  • Of, relating to, or dealing with the structure or affairs of government, politics, or the state. adjective
  • Relating to, involving, or characteristic of politics or politicians: "Calling a meeting is a political act in itself” ( Daniel Goleman). adjective
  • Relating to or involving acts regarded as damaging to a government or state: political crimes. adjective
  • Interested or active in politics: I'm not a very political person. adjective
  • Having or influenced by partisan interests: The court should never become a political institution. adjective
  • Based on or motivated by partisan or self-serving objectives: a purely political decision. adjective
  • Concerning or relating to politics, the art and process of governing. adjective
  • Concerning a polity or its administrative components. adjective
  • Motivated, especially inappropriately, by political (electoral or other party political) calculation. adjective
  • Of or relating to views about social relationships that involve power or authority. adjective
  • Interested in politics. adjective
  • A political agent or officer. noun
  • a publication centred around politics noun
  • Having, or conforming to, a settled system of administration. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to public policy, or to politics; relating to affairs of state or administration. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state. adjective
  • Politic; wise; also, artful. adjective
  • Relating or pertaining to politics, or the science of government; treating of polity or government: as, political authors.
  • Possessing a definite polity or system of government; administering a definite polity.

The word "political" in example sentences

Promoted to Headline (H3) on 4/10/09: Dear President Obama, 3 federal judges say you must act to end 'political purgatory' for 23 million yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Dear President Obama, 3 federal judges say you must act to end \'political purgatory\' for 23 million '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: The District of Columbia U.S.. [Dear President Obama, 3 federal judges say you must act to end 'political purgatory' for 23 million]

The * political* reality (as Dean well knows, and the media and bloggers should point out) is that as electeds and political animals (though, it must be said, fearful ones it appears) supers are very, very, very unlikely to overturn the leader in pledged delegates.. [Dean: Super-Delegates Don't Have To Follow The Voters]

If he predicted a revolutionary crisis, it was to come from a life-and-death struggle of the working people in self-defense, in a desperate effort to protect economic and political rights, but especially _political_ rights, which, as the labor unionist, von Elm, said at this congress, were "the key to all.". [Socialism As It Is A Survey of The World-Wide Revolutionary Movement]

The fundamental principle of our political fabric, the _political_ equality of all men, has afforded ample opportunity for designing persons to mislead the uninformed among the mass, and to make them believe that _political_ equality means social, intellectual, and moral equality, that all are in fact equal in all respects in society, and that their rights are infringed by their exclusion from such recognition.. [Continental Monthly, Vol. 4, No 3, September 1863 Devoted to Literature and National Policy]

With regard to the political and metaphysical parts, I am afraid I can alter nothing; but I have high authority for my errors in that point, for even the _Æneid_ was a _political_ poem, and written for. [Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 2 (of 6) With His Letters and Journals]

I answer, it has nothing to do with my Memoirs, as I was not in London during the whole of the row; but I shall by and by show, that it had a great deal more to do with political matters, or rather with a _political party, _ than was at the time imagined, or than is even now suspected.. [Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. — Volume 2]

The political crisis is about the accountability of ­political power.. [Politics news, UK and world political comment and analysis | guardian.co.uk]

Nothing political -- nothing _political_! "he exclaimed.. [Villa Elsa A Story of German Family Life]

For some, the label "political activist" seems too technical to describe how they're learning to balance being Muslim wives and mothers along with their desire to shape Egypt's future.. [Forbes.com: News]

FDRbyGodDemocrat: Did Karl Rove just use the term "political minions"?. [The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com]

Raju Mudhar Entertainment Reporter The Toronto media's fascination with the Ford family and the NFL has given the term "political football" new meaning.. [Thestar.com - Home Page]

I mean, people -- the term political correctness comes with a lot of baggage.. [CNN Transcript Nov 12, 2009]

I mean, these people are -- the term political correctness comes with a lot of baggage.. [CNN Transcript Nov 12, 2009]

If the term political liberal was no longer a comfortable fit, he told Crisis magazine in 1988, "that's the culture, not me.". [Restless Intellectual Yoked]

The term political religion is a sociological one, drawing on the sociological aspects of religion which can be often be found in certain secular ideologies.. [Hullabaloo]

The contemporary use of the term political correctness is said to derived from Marxist-Leninist vocabulary to describe the Party Line.. [The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design Review: ID's Newspeak - The Panda's Thumb]

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is this election.. is not between one.. CHOKIDAR ( of Democratic Party) (vs ) all.. JAAGIRDARs (family run political (business) party..


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@howardknopf: I am absolutely not partisan but this is truly pathetic. @C_Mulroney should resign from cabinet and maybe even from caucus…

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