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A polity is any kind of political entity. It is a group of people who are collectively united by a self-reflected cohesive force such as identity, who have a capacity to mobilize resources, and are organized by some form of institutionalized hierarchy. .

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Definitions of "polity"

  • The form of government of a nation, state, church, or organization. noun
  • An organized society, such as a nation, having a specific form of government: "His alien philosophy found no roots in the American polity” ( New York Times). noun
  • An organizational structure of the government of a state, church, etc. noun
  • A politically organized unit; a state. noun
  • The form or constitution of the civil government of a nation or state; the framework or organization by which the various departments of government are combined into a systematic whole. noun
  • Hence: The form or constitution by which any institution is organized; the recognized principles which lie at the foundation of any human institution. noun
  • Policy; art; management. noun
  • Government; form, system, or method of government: as, civil polity; ecclesiastical polity. noun
  • Any body of persons forming a community governed according to a recognized system of government. noun
  • Policy; art; management; scheme. noun
  • Synonyms See policy. noun
  • shrewd or crafty management of public affairs noun
  • the form of government of a social organization noun
  • a politically organized unit noun

The word "polity" in example sentences

The polity is likewise that of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the chief difference being the provision for a general convention as a constitutional lawmaking body, to be called only when there is under consideration a change in polity or name.. [Religious Bodies: 1906]

Now he is desirous to have his whole plan of government neither a democracy nor an oligarchy, but something between both, which he calls a polity, for it is to be composed of men-at-arms.. [Politics: A Treatise on Government]

Since Baptists are congregational in polity you never quite know what to expect from one church to another. [Amazing Thread v.2.0]

His Luddite attitudes were and are not very consequential in most Indian discussions because the polity is more concerned today with rent-seeking than with issues arising from the impact of Machinery.. [Foreign Aid and Growth, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Our polity is predicated on an educated electorate.. [Matthew Yglesias » Reframing Public Ignorance]

In fact, the use Lady Liberty, as a way of expressing both political identity but also commitment to the polity, is a powerful motif thats repeated again and again across the United States in the 19th century.. [A Lesson In Firefighting History]

My vision of a successful modern polity is something more akin to Orange County.. [Matthew Yglesias » Europe: A Continent Full of Lovely Countries]

The very nature of our polity is based on balancing various sectional interests (Dairy = Wisconsin, California, New England and upstate N. York, etc.) against others.. [Matthew Yglesias » School Lunch Or; How to Make Government Work]

Some say its special polity comes from the huge reservoirs that collect the water in Upstate New York.. [Fla. Restaurants Vie For Big Apple's Taste In Water]

I would classify it as too liberal as its social polity is libertine (pro-gay, pro-abortion, etc.).. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Public Opinion About the Supreme Court]

Clinton, McBush, and Bush are betting the American polity is a body of idiots, and at times, their bets have paid off! vjh. [Poll: Obama gaining support with key Clinton demographics]

The debate in Israeli polity is to offer a sort of really theoretical protectorate status to the West Bank or just continue colonizing it.. [Matthew Yglesias » Made in the USA]

The meaning is this: one of the just forms of government or rather forms of state is what is called polity, in which the many rule.. [The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas]

The whole system of government tends to be neither democracy nor oligarchy, but something in a mean between them, which is usually called a polity, and is composed of the heavy-armed soldiers.. [Politics]

Aristotle hopes for a state that will combine the best features of democracy and oligarchy; this, he calls a polity, or constitutional government.. [DEMOCRACY]

Its polity is also essentially the same, with only such variations as the conditions seem to require.. [Religious Bodies: 1906]

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TurkishPolity English to Turkish Translate
i. hükümet şekli, idare şekli;devlet, hükümet.i. hükümet şekli, idare şekli;devlet, hükümet.

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  • Pronunciations(pŏlˈĭ-tē)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation pol i ty


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