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What does the word polysyllables mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word polysyllables in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with polysyllables and anagrams of polysyllables.

Definitions of "polysyllables"

  • Plural form of polysyllable. noun

The word "polysyllables" in example sentences

Animal nick names (Moose), someone who's gotten a "neither female nor male name", polysyllables, "K or C or Y", "shortened, not stirred" names, "I'm calling you Bob" etc.. [Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09]

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but polysyllables will never hurt me,” Manni retorted.. [One Flight Up]

Do you really think William F. Buckley Jr. or George Will would just trash, or at least trash in polysyllables rather than invective?. [In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film]

The first thing ‘Rhyme’ does is define itself: “when we speak of rhyme, we usually have in mind only two types of agreement: different initial sounds and identical following sounds,...or polysyllables which correspond at every point except one...”. [THE PROSODY HANDBOOK: A GUIDE TO POETIC FORM by ROBERT BEUM & KARL SHAPIRO]

Winston Churchill, who wrote a treatise on the use of rhetoric in political speech at the age of 22, himself once opened an attack on his political opponents, saying "These professional intellectuals who revel in decimals and polysyllables ....". [Joseph Romm: Why Smart Talkers Lose Debates and How Obama Can Beat McCain Anyway]

There may be a point or two in there, but between the banal thoughts, the crashing polysyllables, and the air of insulting hostility, no person who values his or her time would waste it on this nonsense.. ["This man is a clear-eyed pragmatist who will get the job done" — says Biden of Obama.]

That makes it hard for a translator to stick with the polysyllables that Chaucer often used for rhythmic effect.. [Chaucer's Road Show Revisited]

Hugh had spoken in polysyllables about a surgical procedure.. [THE BABY WINDOW by Vincent VanAllen | Fiction | Futurismic]

We can use short, plain words or sesquipedalian polysyllables; we may want to use both.. [Badge of competence]

Pratt it is succinct as Latin, compact of long rolling polysyllables and little and often pithy particles, and for beauty of sound a dream.. [Vailima Letters]

Tonality in Austronesian Languages, 1993 cites a manuscript by Bender placing Marshallese primary stress on the final syllable of polysyllables.. [languagehat.com: BIKINI.]

The progress made by the children may be stated to have been as follows: on the 16th February, 1844 — 14 were able to read polysyllables. 2 were able to read monosyllables. 2 could repeat the cardinal numbers. 14 were in addition. 3 in subtraction. 9 in multiplication. 2 in division.. [An account of the manners and customs of the Aborigines and the state of their relations with Europeans, by Edward John Eyre]

Over and over I studied the hard names and measures, conned again and again the polysyllables; hoping to be able to arrive some time at an intelligible definition of the terms.. [How I Found Livingstone]

Unusual polysyllables of foreign origin she interpreted phonetically or by false analogy or by both: metempsychosis (met him pike hoses), ALIAS (a mendacious person mentioned in sacred scripture).. [Ulysses]

Everyone seemed to be feeling better in the morning, they talked to one another in polysyllables, anyway.. [Terra Incognita]

I walked into the hall, to find utter panic, of the Oxford variety: tight voices, careful polysyllables, a certain amount of wringing of hands.. [A Monstrous Regiment of Women]

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My toddler is a total fiend for chocolate already but has a problem with 'h' sounds and polysyllables...Imagine my…


@lizziedearden @MikeStuchbery_ If it uses polysyllables the ones that NEED to read it won't be able to. Not that I'…


A #great many #people #think that polysyllables #are a #sign of intelligence. ~ #Barbara Walters

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How to Pronounce polysyllables - American English
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