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Definitions of "pontiff"

  • The pope. noun
  • A bishop. noun
  • A pontifex. noun
  • One of the sacred college, in ancient Rome, which had the supreme jurisdiction over all matters of religion, at the head of which was the Pontifex Maximus. noun
  • The chief priest. noun
  • The pope. noun
  • In Roman antiquity, a chief priest: same as pontifex, 1. noun
  • A Jewish high priest. noun
  • Eccles., a bishop; especially, the Bishop of Rome, as the head of the church; the Pope. Also called the supreme pontiff. noun
  • the head of the Roman Catholic Church noun

The word "pontiff" in example sentences

FESSIO: Well, yes, pontiff comes from the Latin word "pontifex," which means a builder of a bridge.. [CNN Transcript Apr 19, 2005]

The pontiff is celebrating Holy Week — the most solemn period in the Roman Catholic calendar — as allegations that the church covered up clerical sex abuse spread across Europe, including his native Germany, and the United States.. [Holy Thursday: Pope washes feet, Vatican slams media amid scandal]

Pope Benedict XVI sent greetings to Tour riders and organizers as the pack passed close to the Alpine retreat of Les Combes, overlooking Mont Blanc, where the pontiff is staying.. [Astarloza wins Stage 16, Contador holds yellow]

Here the pontiff is shown gesturing towards the people in the church, as the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovers by his side.. [The Christian Artist]

The resting place of the first pontiff is surrounded by coffins of many of his successors, joined Friday by John Paul.. [USATODAY.com - Millions of mourners bid farewell to Pope John Paul II]

Bruno confines his use of the word pontiff to three of the final sections on priestly vestments: Quid pallium significet, De vittis, and De summo pontifice.. [Hamilton: "A Liturgy of Reform"]

Bulgarian king and the Roman pontiff is inscribed in the Gesta. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

The former deputy to Pope Benedict XVI when the pontiff was the Munich archbishop rebutted suggestions made in letters written by a friend that he had been pushed into taking sole responsibility for reassigning a pedophile priest to active ministry 30 years ago.. [Role of Pope's Ex-Deputy in Priest Case Questioned]

According to Martin, Leo IV (847-855) was succeeded in the papal chair by the Englishman John of Mainz (Johannes Anglicus) who reigned for two years, seven months, and four days until it was discovered that the pontiff was a woman.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

This time the ever-bumbling Inspector Clouseau is on the ever-meandering trail of a thief who steals such priceless artifacts as the Magna Carta (nothing is made of that theft), the Shroud of Turin (Clouseau calls the pontiff Mr. Pope and detects that he's very spiritual) and the Pink Panther Diamond, whose re-disappearance -- it was stolen in the previous film too -- may have been required for the perfunctory script to fill 90 minutes.. ['Into You' Is a Frayed Valentine]

Got to tell you, the pontiff will be the toast of the town.. [CNN Transcript Sep 9, 2006]

Silently saying prayers, speaking with one another, recalling the pontiff that they came to know - the pontiff that so many of us have grown up with, when the only popes many of the people alive on the earth right now have ever known.. [CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2005]

And then this morning, before going into the Santa Marta, they actually participated in a mass known as the mass for the election of the supreme pontiff, which is a mass during which cardinals pray for spiritual guidance.. [CNN Transcript Apr 18, 2005]

He called the pontiff an extraordinary gift to the America Catholic community.. [CNN Transcript Apr 2, 2005]

The ecclesiastics every where gave out that the pontiff was the vicegerent of God, and that every one who died without his blessing and forgiveness would suffer endless torments hereafter.. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 54, No. 338, December 1843]

The controversy was unequal, for, while the pontiff was the disciplinary head of the state religion, the Flamen was in matters of ritual and in the rules appertaining to the observance of religious law subject to his jurisdiction.. [A History of Rome During the Later Republic and Early Principate]

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