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Definitions of "poor"

  • Having little or no wealth and few or no possessions. adjective
  • Lacking in a specified resource or quality: an area poor in timber and coal; a diet poor in calcium. adjective
  • Not adequate in quality; inferior: a poor performance. adjective
  • Lacking in value; insufficient: poor wages. adjective
  • Lacking in quantity: poor attendance. adjective
  • Lacking fertility: poor soil. adjective
  • Undernourished; lean. adjective
  • Humble: a poor spirit. adjective
  • Eliciting or deserving pity; pitiable: couldn't rescue the poor fellow. adjective
  • People with little or no wealth and possessions considered as a group: The urban poor are in need of homes. noun
  • With little or no possessions or money. adjective
  • Of low quality. adjective
  • To be pitied. adjective
  • Deficient in a specified way. adjective
  • inadequate, insufficient adjective
  • Those who have little or no possessions or money, taken as a group. noun
  • Destitute of property; wanting in material riches or goods; needy; indigent. adjective
  • So completely destitute of property as to be entitled to maintenance from the public. adjective
  • Destitute of such qualities as are desirable, or might naturally be expected. adjective

The word "poor" in example sentences

Oh da poor kitteh…(snerk)… hez gettin a automayted baff… (mai eyes are leekin form da laughin)..poor wet kitteh.. [CDC cat - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

But I say also to the poor, '_In your turn have charity for the rich_;' and I say to the rich, '_In your turn respect the poor_.'. [The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 2, January, 1851]

"But there's one thing I wish she would do -- poor -- _poor_ Aunt Meda --" he glanced up at the light in the window.. [Flamsted quarries]

They deny both the justice and expediency of permitting any degree of ignorance or debasement to work the forfeiture of self-ownership, and pronounce slavery continued for such a cause the worst of all, inasmuch as it is the _robbery of the poor because he is poor_.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

"Oh, I am too poor, _too poor_," said she, and burst into tears.. [Choice Readings for the Home Circle]

The hired servant is called "poor and needy," and the reason assigned by God why he should be paid as soon as he had finished his work is, "For _he is poor_, and setteth his heart upon it.". [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 1 of 4]

And poor mamma '-- the faint voice, forgetful of its weakness, grows stronger for a moment, and dwells on that name with measureless compassion --' poor, poor, _poor_ mamma!. [Continental Monthly , Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864 Devoted to Literature and National Policy]

The poor man sees the friend, the charity, the answer that is able and ready to help him in need; is it any wonder that he overlooks the source of this power, this plenty, —that he forgets the robbery in the robber who is “good to the poor”?. [XVI. Reform by Humane Touch]

So she left poor Dick; I say _poor_ Dick, because he had not found any one else.. [News from Nowhere, or, an Epoch of Rest : being some chapters from a utopian romance]

Tom Singleton and Fred, he became deeply interested in the condition of the poor, and had a special weakness for _poor old women, _ which he exhibited by searching up, and doing good to, every poor old woman in the parish.. [The World of Ice]

Tom Singleton and Fred, he became deeply interested in the condition of the poor, and had a special weakness for _poor old women_, which he exhibited by searching up, and doing good to, every poor old woman in the parish.. [The World of Ice]

We _must_ go to see the boy -- the poor, _poor_ boy, in spite of dirt and smells.. [Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished A Tale of City Arab Life and Adventure]

For some time past it has appeared to me that the words, "Ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good," which the Lord spoke to his disciples, _who were themselves very poor_, imply that the children of God, as such, have power with God to bring temporal blessings upon poor saints or poor unbelievers through the instrumentality of prayer.. [The Life of Trust: Being a Narrative of the Lord's Dealings With George Müller]

I have had a really kind letter from poor Silas -- _poor_ I say, for I really compassionate his situation, about which he has been, I do believe, quite frank -- at least Ilbury says so, and somehow he happens to know.. [Uncle Silas A Tale of Bartram-Haugh]

Bunyan, Milton, and a few others were irresistible; but a long face was pulled at every attempt to produce something readable for poor people and _poor children_.. [A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)]

_The poor, because they're poor_: for, if they live. [Wild Flowers Or, Pastoral and Local Poetry]

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