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Definitions of "populated"

  • Supplied with inhabitants or content. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of populate. verb
  • furnished with inhabitants adjective

The word "populated" in example sentences

We understand that the Taliban is claiming that a bus was hit, with civilian passengers on it, it says, And then we are also hearing from our own sources; they say there has been unusually heavy striking near what they call populated areas.. [CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2001]

What IS true is that much of the warming for the last 10 years has occured away from main populated areas (Antartic mostly).. [Jack Schmitt on Global Warming - NASA Watch]

Many of the shootouts between the narcos and the authorities occur in populated neighborhoods albeit not gringo enclaves.. [Page 2]

The 22K hornet when I want to make less noise, ie in populated area's.. [What do you think the best kind of gun is for open field coyote hunting?]

And that's it, really; each level is a different windswept zone of nature, from a sunlit, grassy plain populated with nodding daffodils and brilliant red poppies through a rainswept rolling hill under a sky of ominous violet, as your floral journey brings you ever closer to a dark landscape dominated by the black skeletons of electric urbanization.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

(If you live in populated area, Bundle drills down to the zip-code level.). [Finovate Day 1: Financial voyeurism and a free credit score]

A good case can be made for restricting the use of fire in populated areas or areas with few natural breaks and perhaps in limited cases when weather condition require.. [What Do You Want to Be Free to Choose?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Anyone who likes that one has his/her brain populated by absence.. [HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN GETS LUCAS CURSE]

"We take advantage of the fact that there are WiFi access points almost everywhere in populated areas -- homes, offices, Starbucks stores, etc," Morgan said.. [Trapster: A Cellphone Social Network To Fight Speed Traps - The Consumerist]

… Terrorists acquire a million pounds of the deadly dust and scatter it in populated areas throughout the U.S.. [Canada Still Complicit in DU : Law is Cool]

And Tamils have expressed concerns over continuing government activities in Tamil-populated areas and perceived threats to their demographic and cultural integrity.. [Peter Henne: Treading Water in Sri Lanka]

Pick a prompt table from one of the three below (populated from the Ashamnu, the Yom Kippur recitation of sins, so they are chock full of juicy stuff!), and post seven days of fic, ficlets, fanart, icons, meta, or vids about a Jewish character.. [August 24th, 2007]

However, there is no place for it in populated areas (certainly not in an urban environment) and the sort of kit it requires tends toward large, slow, relatively heavily armoured planes with high loiter times.. [Matthew Yglesias » Counterinsurgency by Air]

I've also learned that men are pretty much useless as far as keeping this planet populated is concerned.. [Higher Education]

(Beirut, July 24, 2006) – Israel has used artillery-fired cluster munitions in populated areas of Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said today.. [Israel-Lebanon Conflict]

That in turn would almost certainly trigger a brutal response by Turkey's security forces, which view certain Kurdish populated regions of Turkey as off-limits to Ankara's civilian politicians.. [Periscope]

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Most Populated Cities in the World -


@ThatEricAlper: That time in 2003 a supermarket was closed down so that Michael Jackson could fulfill his dream to go to a supermarket a…


@ThatEricAlper: That time in 2003 a supermarket was closed down so that Michael Jackson could fulfill his dream to go to a supermarket a…


We are lucky this didn’t occur over a large populated city.


@matthewjdowd @NoahCRothman We don't need a constitutional amendment to double the number of representatives in the…

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