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Definitions of "population"

  • All of the people inhabiting a specified area. noun
  • The total number of such people. noun
  • The total number of inhabitants constituting a particular race, class, or group in a specified area. noun
  • The act or process of furnishing with inhabitants. noun
  • Ecology All the organisms that constitute a specific group or occur in a specified habitat. noun
  • Statistics The set of individuals, items, or data from which a statistical sample is taken. Also called universe. noun
  • The people living within a political or geographical boundary noun
  • A count of the number of residents within a political or geographical boundary such as a town, a nation or the world. noun
  • A collection of organisms of a particular species, sharing a particular characteristic of interest, most often that of living in a given area noun
  • A group of units (persons, objects, or other items) enumerated in a census or from which a sample is drawn noun
  • The act of filling initially empty items in a collection. noun
  • The act or process of populating; multiplication of inhabitants. noun
  • The whole number of people, or inhabitants, in a country, or portion of a country. noun
  • The act or process of populating or peopling: as, the rapid population of the country still continues. noun
  • The whole number of people or inhabitants in a country, county, city, or other locality: as, the population has increased 20,000 in four years; also, a part of the inhabitants in any way distinguished from the rest: as, the German population of New York. noun
  • The state of a locality with regard to the number of its inhabitants; populousness. noun
  • In biometry, a species, race, variety, or group of organisms that can be differentiated from other groups. noun
  • the people who inhabit a territory or state noun
  • the number of inhabitants (either the total number or the number of a particular race or class) in a given place (country or city etc.) noun

The word "population" in example sentences

˜population genetics™, ˜fitness™ refers either to the abilities of the different genotypes in a population to leave offspring, or to the measures of those abilities, represented by the variable W.. [Darwinism]

But the world is sure to have a growing population for quite some time because of ‘population momentum (Sen,. [Chapter 8]

You say that "no independent Western European nation similar to Wales in population is as poor as Wales".. [The £6bn lie]

Based on this year's census results — which showed a continuing shift in population from the Rust Belt to the South and West — a number of Midwestern states are slated to lose seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.. [In Midwest, Republicans Capitalize on Economic Woes]

If you want to bring up welfare states … look up Alaska, which ranks 47th in population is number 1 in acquiring federal earmarks.. [Think Progress » Portugal’s parliament approves same-sex marriage.]

Under our unimaginable economic regime all increase in population is a menace.. [The Kempton-Wace Letters]

There are 34 provinces, each ranging in population from a low of 300,000 to a high of 3 million.. [When it is beyond our ability]

Right, the city of Los Angeles, which just hit 4 million in population, is much denser today than most people realize.. [Matthew Yglesias » Mass Transit]

This accelerating rate of increase is what is meant by the term population explosion.. [Human population explosion]

Puerto Vallarta is quite a unique town that has maintained its quaint atmosphere regardless of its huge rise in population from the early seventies to today, especially the down town area and south of town.. [Which One is the Real Vallarta]

Two-day-old Abel Chavez, Jr., could be poster child for the surge in Hispanic population, which is changing the social fabric of the Golden State.. [CNN Transcript - Saturday Morning News: Census Reveals Changing Face of California - March 31, 2001]

By using a yardstick as a pointer he delineated the boundaries of the ranch and identified what he called the population center-a large, walled compound that included a hacienda, ranch house and adjoining bunker-type building.. [The Black Ice]

There are many physical traits which we define as population-characteristic, such as East Asian hair form, which are due to alleles which haven't fixed.. [ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science]

About 30% of Arizona's population is Hispanic, the fourth-highest proportion nationally, behind New Mexico, California and Texas.. [Conservative Latinos Rethink Party Ties]

Roughly 26% of Arizona's population is Latino, and the vast majority are U.S. citizens or legal residents.. [We Need Progress, Not Profiling in Arizona]

Analyzing 315 real estate markets across the country, Cary, North Carolina-based Local Market Monitor recently devised its first "Investment Suitability Ratings" based on factors like long-term population growth, local income, relative job growth and the concentration of jobs in comparatively volatile industries like construction and finance.. [The Best Real Estate Markets In America: Local Market Monitor (PHOTOS)]

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