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Definitions of "possession"

  • The act or fact of possessing. noun
  • The state of being possessed. noun
  • Something owned or possessed. noun
  • Wealth or property. noun
  • Law Actual holding or occupancy with or without rightful ownership. noun
  • A territory subject to foreign control. noun
  • Self-control. noun
  • The state of being dominated by or as if by evil spirits or by an obsession. noun
  • Sports Physical control of the ball or puck by a player or team. noun
  • Sports The condition of being on offense: The home team was in possession during most of the fourth quarter. noun
  • Something that someone possesses, but to which he does not necessarily have private property rights. noun
  • Something that is owned. noun
  • Ownership; taking, holding, keeping something as one's own. noun
  • A territory under the rule of another country. noun
  • The condition or affliction of being possessed by a demon or other supernatural entity. noun
  • Control of the ball; the opportunity to be on the offensive. noun
  • A syntactic relationship between two nouns or nominals that may be used to indicate ownership. noun
  • To invest with property. verb
  • The act or state of possessing, or holding as one's own. noun

The word "possession" in example sentences

The official defense of England and Russia does not apparently show any failure on the part of either to submit all of the documents in their possession, _but the German "White Paper" on its face discloses the suppression of documents of vital importance, while Austria has as yet failed to submit any of the documentary evidence in its possession_.. [The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol. 1, January 9, 1915 What Americans Say to Europe]

Now, the adherents of this natural and naïve opinion have, as they say in the law, the right of possession (_possession d'état_); they are not plaintiffs but defendants; it is not for them to prove they are in the right, it has to be proved against them that they are in the wrong.. [The Mind and the Brain Being the Authorised Translation of L'Âme et le Corps]

In flying into Mexico from NOB, in possession is an FM3 that was not stamped upon exiting Mexico the last time he left Mexico.. [FM3 paranoia]

If, on the contrary, we reserve the name "property" for the latter, we must designate the former by the term possession, or some other equivalent; otherwise we should be troubled with an unpleasant synonymy.. [What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government.]

Taken in the first sense, the term possession signifies rational possession; and, in the second sense, it must mean empirical possession.. [The Science of Right]

Putting people in jail for marijuana possession is a waste of time.. [Sound Politics: Seattle NAACP: "We Didn't Do A Lot, But We Held On"]

He goes into what we call possession over the foot.. [CNN Transcript Aug 19, 2005]

One in my possession is adorned with the following, – I am sharper than the wit of. [Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia]

One of the first things to go after using heroin is your understanding of the word "possession.". [PhillyDeals]

My brother trying to dime me out won’t do him any good, felon in possession is a Federal charge, lost and stolen is state.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Mayor Bloomberg’s gun show bill]

I pushed immediately onwards for the quarter-deck, where I found Commander Berry in possession of the poop, and the Spanish ensign hauling down.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

Think of it as "out of the mouths of babes"; or rather, "out of the mouths of grownups who barely five months ago appeared in possession of at least the odd principle, but who have since embarked on a political journey of such staggering speed and distance that it makes the rightward lurches of some New Labour ministers now seem minuscule".. [So just what did we go into politics for then, Danny Alexander?]

Newspapers argue they help to ensure investors and the public are in possession of the same information as privileged insiders by ensuring the free flow of information.. [FSA locks horns with editors over rules to stop insider trading]

He was getting caught in possession while deliberating over straightforward passes and failing to convert scoring chances that the teenaged Rooney would have dispatched with lethal disdain.. [Losing a player as gifted as Wayne Rooney smacks of carelessness]

Do you really think that simply being in possession of this watch is the reason they are at Guantanamo?. [President Obama's Watch - Anil Dash]

On a more serious note: No, I do not believe that many of these prisoners are held only for being in possession of a chep Casio.. [President Obama's Watch - Anil Dash]

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@jmshoffstall The Associated Press is reporting that the cockroach is pressing charges of assault and possession of a firearm by a pillock


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@RyanWingFOX11: Mike Daum not touching the ball on a possession down 2 is malpractice for SDSU


@WoolieWoolz: cocaine possession vs child pornography

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Possession Word Data

  • Pronunciations(pə-zĕshˈən)
  • Character10
  • Hyphenation pos ses sion


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