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Definitions of "post"

  • A long piece of wood or other material set upright into the ground to serve as a marker or support. noun
  • A similar vertical support or structure, as: noun
  • A support for a beam in the framework of a building. noun
  • A terminal of a battery. noun
  • Sports A goal post. noun
  • The starting point at a racetrack. noun
  • The slender barlike part of a stud earring that passes through the ear and is secured at the back with a small cap or clip. noun
  • An electronic message sent to a newsgroup: ignored several inflammatory posts. noun
  • To display (an announcement) in a place of public view. verb-transitive
  • To cover (a wall, for example) with posters. verb-transitive
  • To announce by or as if by posters: post banns. verb-transitive
  • Computer Science To send (an electronic message) to a newsgroup: posted a response to a question about car engines. verb-transitive
  • To put up signs on (property) warning against trespassing. verb-transitive
  • To denounce publicly: post a man as a thief. verb-transitive
  • To publish (a name) on a list. verb-transitive
  • Games To gain (points or a point) in a game or contest; score. verb-transitive
  • A military base. noun
  • The grounds and buildings of a military base. noun
  • A local organization of military veterans. noun

The word "post" in example sentences

-- [[User: Lightdifference | Lightdifference]] 23: 28, 11 December 2008 (UTC) $post is necessary because $post - > comment_status of the parent post can be wrong after running the inner loop (I'm running that code from a shortcode).. [Codex - Recent changes [en]]

How would I change get_permalink ($post - > ID); to not get the permalink but the content of the post?. [King Gary]

*** This post is dedicated to Patti who kindly pointed out that she was getting a little tired of the Adirondack chairs post***. [Live and Let Di]

He will MAKE sure the person WHO needs to SEE your post ... will SEE your post~ if you truly desire in your heart to come to KNOW God, say this .... [Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions]

To list the highlighted leaders in a single post: echo get_the_term_list ($post - > ID, 'people', 'People:', ',');. [Boagworld recommends]

User. find (session [: user_id]) @comment. post = @post respond_to do | format | if. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Now we will add a div_for block to our post partial ( "_post. html.erb").. []

This post is so much more twitter and so much less * actual blog post*.. [i obsess.]

$post is filled with data from the last post in the category.. [WordPress Trac]

$post - > comment_status of the parent post can be wrong after running the inner loop. [Codex - Recent changes [en]]

$post variable as well as all of the global post data.. [Codex - Recent changes [en]]

Chambers does not seem to have accepted the post, for we find him staying on at Oxford (_post_, ii.. [Life of Johnson, Volume 1 1709-1765]

Get only one post from the 'featured' category. have_posts ()): $my_query - > the_post (); $do_not_duplicate = $post - >. [Codex - Recent changes [en]]

Post. new (params [: post]) respond_to do | format | if @post. save flash [: notice] = 'Post was successfully created.' format. html {redirect_to post_url (@post)} format. xml {head: created,. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

The term post-racial has been used to signify a society in which race is no longer significant or important.. [Arlene M. Roberts: From Protest to Presidency: Is this the end of the Civil Rights Movement?]

For the record, the title of the post translates as “time flies, remember you are mortal, party on.”. [GUEST POST: TEMPUS FUGIT, MEMENTO MORI, PARTY ON » Sociological Images]

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