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What does the word post-time mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word post-time in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with post-time and anagrams of post-time.

Definitions of "post-time"

  • The time for the arrival of a postman, or for the despatch of letters by mail. noun

The word "post-time" in example sentences

Race Scenario Frequency Comment The post-time favorite wins 30% Cigar paid $3.40 to win in 1995.. [Making Money on the Breeders' Cup Classic]

The series has been developed into two anime series, Naruto and its post-time jump sequel Naruto: Shippuuden, featuring a slightly older, more mature cast.. [Mangaka You Should Know: Masashi Kishimoto »]

Before a post-time trial (tour de france) bike ride, with live viewing very early tomorrow morning, I am going to try lavender and cherry scones.. [tresser - French Word-A-Day]

Before a post-time trial tour de france bike ride, with live viewing very early tomorrow morning, I am going to try lavender and cherry scones.. [tresser - French Word-A-Day]

Stay tuned, we're taking bets right up till post-time.. [Archive 2008-12-01]

Knowing that Thompson was somewhere in the country, I watched the house — especially at post-time in the morning — thinking Thompson was pretty likely to write to her.. [Reprinted Pieces]

He only read one newspaper, innocent of leaders, and was free from that periodicity of sensations which we call post-time.. [Adam Bede]

It's 4 1/2 hours to post-time at Churchill Downs where folks may be looking to trade their traditional Kentucky Derby hats for umbrellas.. [CNN Transcript May 1, 2004]

I must try if I can discover some new arrangement, before post-time, which will allow me to say Yes to Miss Verinder, without damage to the service which I have bound myself to render to Mr. Franklin Blake.. [The Moonstone]

It was just post-time when the messenger returned to me with the address of the house.. [The Woman in White]

In a few minutes he begged that the ladies would excuse his withdrawing; he had two or three letters to write before post-time, which was early at Finden.. [New Grub Street]

North Shingles to try what discoveries she could make for herself before post-time. [No Name]

You will find that my maid thoughtfully kept her letter open until the last moment before post-time — without, however, having any later news to give me than that Mrs. Lecount was to sleep at the cottage last night and that she and Mr. Vanstone were to leave together this morning.. [No Name]

Dearest: It has been such a funny day from post-time onwards: -- congratulations on the great event are beginning to arrive in envelopes and on wheels.. [An Englishwoman's Love-Letters]

While these letters were going backwards and forwards, Beth suffered agonies of anxiety lest Dan should pounce upon them and discover her secret; but he happened to be out always at post-time just then, so she managed to secure them safely.. [The Beth Book Being a Study of the Life of Elizabeth Caldwell Maclure, a Woman of Genius]

'Yes, dear, it is,' replied her cousin; 'but I should be obliged if you would feed them for me to-day, as Aunt Mary wants me to write a letter to dear mamma before post-time.'. [Aunt Mary]

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TurkishPost Time English to Turkish Translate
bahislerin kapanma saati.bahislerin kapanma saati.

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