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  • After bankruptcy. adjective

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This car doesn't just have a narrative—the retro-modern version of the Italian classic cinquecento ; the U.S. return of the Fiat brand after more than two decades; Chrysler's postbankruptcy status as fiefdom of Fiat.. [For the Cheerleader in Everyone]

Smurfit's operating results after the company emerged from bankruptcy in June "really gave us the opportunity to review their postbankruptcy operations and the improvement that they'd obtained," Mr. Rubright said.. [Smurfit Deal Is Set]

The postbankruptcy exit financing provided by the U.S. and Canadian governments resulted in more flexibility for funding international operations.. [Can China Save GM?]

The postbankruptcy-court results include a $3.4 billion fourth-quarter loss and a $900 million loss for July 10 through September.. [GM Reports $4.3 Billion Loss]

Subtract the hoped-for $12 billion postbankruptcy net debt figure, leaving a notional market capitalization of $38 billion.. [Bondholders at GM Right to Be Leery]

GM's debt load is likely to fall postbankruptcy to about $17 billion, plus its obligation for retiree health care, from more than $70 billion.. [Ford to Face Tougher Rivals Following U.S. Rescue]

One postbankruptcy plan being considered by a group of bondholders would involve new capital from outside investors and bondholders, including Mr. Icahn, according to people familiar with the situation.. [MGM Bondholders Weigh Equity Swap]

But a postbankruptcy sale of some Lehman assets to Barclays PLC meant that all of the debt to the government was repaid.. [Lehman's Chaotic Bankruptcy Filing Destroyed Billions in Value]

NRG Energy Inc. and Northwestern Corp. used similar processes to choose postbankruptcy boards.. [Building a Better Post-Bankruptcy Board]

The bankruptcy investors -- known in the trade as vultures -- make out when they exchange their debt for stock in the postbankruptcy company at what turns out to be a cheap price.. [MONEY FOR NOTHING]

One comparison-shopping Web site, Tollchaser. com, is warning that MCI's postbankruptcy rates could go even higher.. [Mci: Dial A New Rate?]

Saab brand to the curb as part of its postbankruptcy reorganization.. [NYT > Home Page]

How companies behave postbankruptcy depends upon different factors, including the economy, analysts agree.. [ RSS News Feed]

The new deal is among three conditions the re-formed, postbankruptcy Fraser company, temporarily called Newco, must meet to prevent closing the specialty papers mill, he said.. [ - News]

"The bondholders being pitched to combine forces represent about 30\% of the total $16 billion to $18 billion claim that will eventually serve as the basis for doling out equity in postbankruptcy Delta.". [IAGblog]

G.M. received about $6 billion more in working capital from the Obama administration in April and May, and was given $30.1 billion in bankruptcy financing and postbankruptcy restructuring money, for which the government received a majority stake in the new version of G.M. that emerged from bankruptcy.. [NYT > Home Page]

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Post-bankruptcy Detroit returns to yield-hungry muni bond market. Read More:


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Joey Lawrence Goes to Fancy Restaurant in Pricey Car Post-Bankruptcy | TMZ
Joey Lawrence Goes to Fancy Restaurant in Pricey Car Post-Bankruptcy | TMZ
Toys R Us comeback? New name, same mascot Geoffrey emerge in post-bankruptcy plan
Toys R Us comeback? New name, same mascot Geoffrey emerge in post-bankruptcy plan
Detroit Post-Bankruptcy  The Men of Engine 41
Detroit Post-Bankruptcy The Men of Engine 41

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