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Potent Vair#Potent for the heraldic fur Warren Potent for the Australian Olympic medalist in shootingSee also: Potency (disambiguation).

What does the word potent mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word potent in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with potent and anagrams of potent.

Definitions of "potent"

  • Possessing inner or physical strength; powerful. adjective
  • Exerting or capable of exerting strong physiological or chemical effects: potent liquor; a potent toxin. adjective
  • Exerting or capable of exerting strong influence; cogent: potent arguments. adjective
  • Having great control or authority: "The police were potent only so long as they were feared” ( Thomas Burke). adjective
  • Able to perform sexual intercourse. Used of a male. adjective
  • Possessing strength adjective
  • Being effective in small quantities. adjective
  • Having a sharp or offensive taste. adjective
  • able to procreate. adjective
  • very powerful or effective. adjective
  • A heraldic fur formed by a regular tessellation of blue and white T shapes. noun
  • Producing great physical effects; forcible; powerful' efficacious. adjective
  • Having great authority, control, or dominion; puissant; mighty; influential. adjective
  • Powerful, in an intellectual or moral sense; having great influence adjective
  • A prince; a potentate. noun
  • A staff or crutch. noun
  • One of the furs; a surface composed of patches which are supposed to represent crutch heads; they are always alternately argent and azure, unless otherwise specially mentioned. noun
  • Powerful; possessed of inherent strength.
  • Powerful in a moral sense; having great influence; cogent; prevailing; convincing: as, potent arguments; potent interest.

The word "potent" in example sentences

But it's what we're used to, and still remain potent symbols in an age devoid of symbolism.. [Liturgical Wedding Crashers]

Third receiver in potent passing game and a solid punt returner whose offseason work set an example for other young players.. [Annual All-Joe team: Honoring those who won little acclaim]

"Like its similarly underrated cousin, Birth, Joshua makes up in potent atmosphere and formal mastery what it lacks in narrative logic; unlike Birth, however, it's further enhanced by two superlative adult performances (courtesy Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga) that invest a ludicrous premise with conviction and behavioral nuance.". [GreenCine Daily: Sundance. Joshua.]

I think the Reload power's more potent from a protective standpoint, but the Google-fu stands to make me more powerful in the world.. [Genie, Give Me A Wish]

“White Disaster,” some called the potent dwarven drink.. [Stormblade]

These results on depancreatized dogs showed beyond doubt that the antidiabetic hormone was present in potent form in the extracts, and the time seemed ripe to investigate their action on the clinical forms of diabetes.. [John Macleod - Nobel Lecture]

However, when the Redskins, one year removed from 4-12 and one week after a two-touchdown loss to the Rams, beat the Eagles, previously presumed to be potent, that is fairly stunning.. [Redskins' Donovan McNabb is the homecoming king in Philadelphia, but he wasn't alone]

Alcohol is particularly dangerous for teenagers because it is so pervasive in our adult world (and in most human cultures generally), but is not identified as the potent drug it is.. [Sara Whitman: Stoned and Drunk and Messing with Tigers]

It's very potent, which is good, given the cost, and it puts me in a wonderful mood.. [Anise and Licorice- Love It or Loathe It, Some Gotta Have It]

Using neuroscience and the most advanced brain-scanning technique available today—the fMRI—global research institute Millward Brown studied the brains of twenty men and women in the UK to find out whether the “Royal Mail experiment” had created true emotional engagement, that is to say, a potent emotional response, in consumers.. [Brand Sense]

Then, in an attempt to constrain her to modify her response, we had recourse to another creature of the same kingdom, but more potent, which is not content with questioning the body but can command it,. [The Guermantes Way]

We reply that we arrive at the idea of potent action because we are ourselves active beings.. [Essays Towards a Theory of Knowledge]

Plymouth occupies all our attention, it is particularly timely to recall the potent influences of the Scottish people upon the. [The Scotch Twins]

Vance may bring charges under the state's Martin Act, which lawyers call a potent tool for New York prosecutors probing investment frauds, Ponzi schemes and other white-collar crime.. [BusinessWeek.com -- Top News]

Intracellular ROS are known as potent inducers of p53 and participate in the activation of p53 by chemotherapeutic drugs. [PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles]

However, amifostine has also been described as a potent hypoxia-mimetic compound and as a strong p53 inducer; both effects are known to potently modulate vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-A) expression.. [BioMed Central - Latest articles]

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TurkishPotent English to Turkish Translate
s. kuvvetli, güçlü, kudretli; etkili, tesirli, nüfuzlu; yetkili, salâhiyetli; cinsi iktidarı olan (erkek). potently z. etkileyici surette; kuvvetle, tesirli olarak.s. kuvvetli, güçlü, kudretli; etkili, tesirli, nüfuzlu; yetkili, salâhiyetli; cinsi iktidarı olan (erkek). potently z. etkileyici surette; kuvvetle, tesirli olarak.

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@_birdpaladin: dracula drinks blood to take the lifeforce of his victims BUT victorian society believed that cum was four times more pot…

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