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Praetor (Classical Latin: [ˈprajtoːr], also spelled prætor) was a title granted by the government of Ancient Rome to men acting in one of two official capacities: the commander of an army (in the field or, less often, before the army had been mustered); or, an elected magistratus (magistrate), assigned various duties (which varied at different periods in Rome's history). The functions of the magistracy, the praetura (praetorship), are described by the adjective: the praetoria potestas (praetorian power), the praetorium imperium (praetorian authority), and the praetorium ius (praetorian law), the legal precedents established by the praetores (praetors). Praetorium, as a substantive, denoted the location from which the praetor exercised his authority, either the headquarters of his castra, the courthouse (tribunal) of his judiciary, or the city hall of his provincial governorship..

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  • Plural form of praetor. noun

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All that Heineccius says about the usurpation of the right of making these edicts by the praetors is false, and contrary to all historical testimony.. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

They were men of great expectations, since the praetors were the second highest-ranking of the annually elected public officials in Rome; only the two consuls stood higher.. [The Spartacus War]

The praetors were the true organs of public opinion.. [History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire — Volume 4]

In the beginning of the seventh century of Rome they were made perpetual: four praetors were annually empowered to sit in judgment on the state offences of treason, extortion, peculation, and bribery; and Sylla added new praetors and new questions for those crimes which more directly injure the safety of individuals.. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

The praetors, however, subsequently allowed the person outraged to put his own estimate on the wrong, the judge having a discretion to condemn the defendant either in the sum so named by the plaintiff, or in a less amount; and of these two kinds of penalties that fixed by the Twelve Tables is now obsolete, while that introduced by the praetors, which is also called 'honorary,' is most usual in the actual practice of the courts.. [The Institutes of Justinian]

Such colonies were ruled by "praetors" (R.V. marg.,. [Easton's Bible Dictionary]

Colossal likenesses of praetors and senators, of military leaders and heroic soldiers, stood with their backs to the outside, as though standing guard over the grounds within.. [Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire]

Behind us stretched a great convoy of vehicles conveying the elected rulers of Rome—first Hybrida and then the praetors: Celer, Cosconius, Pompeius Rufus, Pomptinus, Roscius, Sulpicius, Valerius Flaccus.. [CONSPIRATA]

Sitting on the bench next to Hortensius he put on an outward show of calm, but from time to time I would catch his gaze drifting around the court, resting occasionally on Caesar—who was one of the jurors—on Sura, who was sitting with the praetors, and finally and most often on Crassus, who was only two places farther along the bench.. [CONSPIRATA]

“And I ask that it be put to the vote at once, so that no more of the day may be wasted by these delaying tactics, and the election of the new consuls and praetors may be concluded by sunset, in accordance with our ancient laws.”. [CONSPIRATA]

Instead there were just five provinces to be divided among the eight former praetors.. [CONSPIRATA]

We set off on horseback well after darkness fell: the two praetors, their eight lictors, another four guards, and finally and reluctantly, me.. [CONSPIRATA]

After the Senate adjourned Cicero and Hybrida convened a council of war with all the praetors to issue the necessary edicts for the defense of the city.. [CONSPIRATA]

The praetors clearly thought he was being feeble, but they did as they were commanded.. [CONSPIRATA]

The Romans, who had the sovereignty of many provinces, yet governed them always by presidents and praetors; and not by assemblies, as they governed the city of Rome and territories adjacent.. [Leviathan]

The edicts of praetors, and in some cases of the aediles: such as are the chief justices in the courts of England.. [Leviathan]

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