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Definitions and meanings of "Preformationist"

What do we mean by preformationist?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word preformationist. Define preformationist, preformationist synonyms, preformationist pronunciation, preformationist translation, English dictionary definition of preformationist.

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The word "preformationist" in example sentences

Geoffroy Saint Hilaire's theories had broad appeal to those who saw the relevance of developmental embryology for issues of group relationship, an issue that preformationist Cuvier had ignored. ❋ Sloan, Phillip (2008)

One is the idea that informational models are preformationist. ❋ Godfrey-Smith, Peter (2007)

Both suggested that development is a good deal more flexible, plastic, and interactive than preformationist interpretations allow. ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

It's not impossible that the purely preformationist account is the right one, but the evidence - monstrous births and tulips plants from the bulb are more similar to the mother plant than plants from the seed - suggests a certain amount of epigenetic regulation. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He is primarily preformationist, but he gives some credit to the epigenetic side as well. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Rather he called for a middle ground, for: “The pronounced ˜epigenecist™ of to-day who postulates little or no pre-determination in the germ must gird himself to perform Herculean labors in explaining how the complex heterogeneity of the adult organism can arise from chemical enzymes, while the pronounced ˜preformationist™ of to-day is bound to elucidate the elaborate morphological structure which he insists must be present in the germ.” ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

This is a preformationist view; but that Malebranche is not purely preformationist is clear from his comment here. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Malebranche's account of heredity is actually a blend of preformationist and epigenetic views; in the Dialogues on Metaphysics he talks about all the bees that will ever exist pre-existing in the first bee. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Malebranche thinks this is confirmed by mutations like the fruit-shaped miscarriages; although he allows that God might have set things up in a purely preformationist way. ❋ Unknown (2005)

In the case of the origin of particular organisms, Kant endorses a view (epigenesis) on which the emergence of an apparently new plant or animal is not just the expansion or unfolding of one which already existed in miniature (as on the preformationist view), but a natural process whereby a new living thing comes into being. ❋ Ginsborg, Hannah (2005)

Yet their experiments ultimately led to new approaches and revised interpretations of what was at issue with epigenesist and preformationist accounts of development. ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

But while Darwin's use of the embryo in supporting evolutionary theory and in helping to interpret evolutionary relationships was consistent with various versions of either epigenetic or preformationist development, Haeckel's view was decidedly preformationist. ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

Wolff was an epigenesist, maintaining that form emerges only gradually; Bonnet was a preformationist, insisting that form exists from the beginning of each individual organism and only experiences growth over time. ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

One popular representation of the alternative, preformationist view was with the homunculus. ❋ Maienschein, Jane (2005)

The fact is, however, incompatible with mechanistic, reductionist, or preformationist in - terpretations of what took place. ❋ THOMAS A. GOUDGE (1968)

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