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Preparations is a studio album by Prefuse 73. It was released on Warp Records in 2007. Unlike the 2006 EP, Security Screenings, Preparations is considered the proper follow-up to the 2005 album, Surrounded by Silence. The album includes a 15-track bonus disc entitled Interregnums, which features "unheard explorations into orchestral soundtrack music", including compositions played by live musicians..

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Definitions of "preparations"

  • Plural form of preparation. noun

The word "preparations" in example sentences

Rachel Maddow says Time is reporting that just a few hours before the earthquake struck Chile last month, our scientists had finished securing 40# of highly enriched uranium into 65 tons of metal cases in preparations to send it to the US for safe-keeping.. [Think Progress » Purported doctor on Texas A&M message board claims he ‘laid off my first Obama voting employee.’ (Updated)]

The crew of a colony ship will sleep for years and awaken a few months away form the eventual destination to begin preparations for arrival.. [365 tomorrows » 2009 » July : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

She would also like to include in preparations before and after GIs are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan short video segments of servicemembers describing how their personal lives changed for the better after surviving combat.. [Combat's positive effects examined]

This one is about gender difference in preparations for date night.. [Global Voices in English » Tunisia: Call to Embrace Work Ethics on Labour Day]

In 1998, while title preparations were being made at Stade de France in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis, Netherlands and Croatia played at Parc des Princes in the city.. [Saturday World Cup kickaround]

Certain preparatory measures were then undertaken: the plan of operations was studied by General Marcks and other senior officers, long-term preparations such as the extension of roads and railways were set in motion, a number of troops began to be transferred to the east, a programme was launched aimed at expanding the German Army to. [Operation Sea Lion]

At the other end of the table was a partly unfolded tablecloth, a plate, a tumbler, a knife and fork, salt - cellar, mustard and a chair -- in short, preparations for one person's supper.. [The Tale of Mr. Tod]

Brown said the Boomers 'world title preparations would have fallen behind without the lopsided Argentinian series.. [The Age News Headlines]

Firstly, let us discuss about long term preparations. [Quazen]

Woke up early this morning to put the finishing touches to start of term preparations only to look out the window to find that a light dusting of snow over the road / garden.. [Neil Woollcott]

a partly unfolded tablecloth, a plate, a tumbler, a knife and fork, salt cellar, mustard and a chair -- in short, preparations for one person's supper.. [The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter]

Though he offered no specifics about his ideas, Lee called preparations a "duty.". [South Korean leader has reunification plan]

We are fully aware that a critical element of our preparations should be the building of a strong South African team which will do us and the whole of the football fraternity proud.. [State of the Nation Address of the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki: Joint Sitting of Parliament]

Here it seems, though, as if the preparations are a little more in the open and are more specific.. [CNN Transcript Jan 26, 2003]

MESERVE: Top Off 2 will not answer all questions about the nation's readiness and even participants admit there's no way of knowing if your preparations are the right ones until you're confronted with a surprise attack and real patients, not fake ones.. [CNN Transcript May 15, 2003]

All their preparations were a mishmash of improvisations.. [The City Who Fought]

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@WestmonsterUK: BREAKING: MPs vote for amendment to thwart No Deal Brexit preparations. Politicians trying to block a proper Brexit. D…


@jurygroup: Are you pleased with the result of MPs defeating government over no-deal preparations? #NoDealBrexit…


@ChuckCallesto: ‘Preparations’ BEING made in case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg VACANCY... #RBG

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Predator Soundtrack - Preparations
Predator Soundtrack - Preparations
Mom VS Exam Preparations || Mahathalli
Mom VS Exam Preparations || Mahathalli
Janasena preparations // జనసేన ముందంజ //
Janasena preparations // జనసేన ముందంజ //

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  • PronunciationsP R EH2 P ER0 EY1 SH AH0 N Z
  • Character12
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