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What do we mean by pressman?

A man who operates a printing press. noun

A newspaper reporter. noun

One who is engaged in pressing; specifically, one who attends to a wine-press. noun

One who operates or has charge of a printing-press; specifically, a printer who does press-work; one who runs a hand-press, or who manages a press or presses run by steam or other power. noun

In journalism, sometimes, a man employed on the press; a writer or reporter for a newspaper. noun

One of a press-gang who aids in forcing men into military or naval service. noun

A man impressed into the public service, as the army or navy. noun

One who manages, or attends to, a press, esp. a printing press. noun

One who presses clothes. noun

One of a press gang, who aids in forcing men into the naval service; also, one forced into the service. noun

Someone who operates a printing press noun

A journalist or newspaper reporter noun

One who pressgangs people into naval service noun

A journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media noun

Someone whose occupation is printing noun

Someone who operates a printing press.

A journalist or newspaper reporter.

One who pressgangs people into naval service

One who presses clothes

Sometimes referred to as "Press" "Man-Eater" or simply "Oh Fuck". Commonly seen wandering around the fast food and drinking establishments of North London, the average Pressman can be hostile and extremely sexually violent. Especially on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday night and every third full moon.  Urban Dictionary

A man with a 100 inch cock. He also gets all the girls and boys (omni life rules)  Urban Dictionary

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In the United States a pressman is a man who runs a printing press; in England he is a newspaper reporter, or, as the English usually say, a journalist. ❋ Henry Louis (1921)

Between the compositor and the pressman is a long road in which many a book is spoiled, but the responsibility is hard to place. ❋ Harry Lyman Koopman (1898)

SWEENEY: And if you were in the Chief of Staff, the new Chief of Staff now, James Rubin, who would you be considering or what kind of pressman would you be looking for to take over Scott McClellan's role? ❋ Unknown (2006)

In the editorial office of the Kansas City newspaper where he served his apprenticeship, there was a kind of pressman's catechism, the first dictum of which was: «Use short sentences. ❋ Unknown (1954)

For any 'pressman' that think they know how to solve the problem, odds are you probably never did the Intaglio work. ❋ Unknown (2010)

As I once said to a pressman who observed that we were winning, but without firing on all cylinders, 'What do you want ... blood?' ❋ Unknown (2011)

Montgomery, James (1771 – 1854): brought up a Moravian, Montgomery became a dissenting radical pressman, imprisoned in 1796 for publishing political articles critical of the government in the paper he edited, the Sheffield ❋ Unknown (2009)

"I get something to do, and they get a service free," said Moyer, a former pressman for National Geographic and other magazines until his printing company went out of business. ❋ Michael Laris (2010)

Earlier in his career, Mr. Higgins had been a pressman for The Washington Post. ❋ Post (2011)

Over the years, Hoffman, who works as a pressman at The Washington Post, said he had matched four out five numbers about 20 times. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But worse was when a pressman spilled dill juice at the printing plant. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In the case of poet William Everson, for example, he was a poet AND a pressman, and released handset limited editions of his poems, spacing and designing them as beautiful art-objects in their own right. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr Hindley deems this assertion a gross libel, showing that the "dirtiness" of Jemmy was inevitable, owing to his officiating in every department as pressman, compositor, devil, &c., and being handy at all points. ❋ Steve (2009)

In September 1873, the Press News chronicled the death of an old pressman in Clerkenwell Workhouse, who was one of the first of Catnach's workmen, and continued with him until his retirement in 1838. ❋ Steve (2009)

The writer of this sketch has had many conversations with the above-named jolly, garrulous old pressman, and can affirm that he had the greatest respect for Catnach, admired his inventive powers and talents, and was proud of his abilities and adaption to circumstances. ❋ Steve (2009)

I worked as a pressman on a 4 color web offset press. ❋ Ann Althouse (2009)

sexually violent [pressman] I haven't [got with] anyone, not even a sausage [free food] ❋ Gorillabits (2011)

[Ok] here is an [example]: Jack Pressman. ❋ Hotmenandsemen (2022)

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