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Definitions and meanings of "Pretermitting"

What do we mean by pretermitting?

To intentionally disregard something, allow it to go unnoticed, or change the subject in response to someone's comment; to omit or fail to carry out something; to prematurely terminate or interrupt something.

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The word "pretermitting" in example sentences

By pretermitting a necessary discussion, you actually make it more likely that we WILL "lose" a war, because in your world, nobody can bring that up into the discussion, which means that the steps necessary to avoid the possibility may never be considered. ❋ Unknown (2007)

He pointed out that by letting off most of the glebe land and pretermitting David's "pocket-money" he might secure a young and energetic Welsh-speaking curate, the remainder of whose living-wage would -- he felt sure -- be found out of the diocesan funds of St. David's bishopric. ❋ Harry Hamilton Johnston (1892)

Pottle moved to amend the resolution by striking out the words between the words 'that' and "we" and inserting in lieu thereof the words, "pretermitting any expression of opinion as to the constitutional right of soldiers who went from Georgia through the agency of the State, to elect their regimental, battalion and company officers." ❋ Georgia. General Assembly. Senate (1863)

Congress possesses no power, under the Constitution, to legislate upon the subject of slavery in the States where it does or may exist, or to exclude any State from admission into the Union, because its Constitution does or does not recognize the institution of slavery as a part of its social system; and expressly pretermitting any expression of opinion upon the power of Congress to establish or prohibit slavery in any ❋ William Gannaway Brownlow (1841)

The scowl of the opposing parties, the blanched cheeks, the knit brows, and the grinding teeth, not pretermitting the deadly gleams that shoot from their kindled eyes, are ornaments which a plain battle between factions cannot boast, but which, notwithstanding, are very suitable to the fierce and gloomy silence of that premeditated vengeance which burns with such intensity in the heart, and scorches up the vitals into such a thirst for blood. ❋ William Carleton (1831)

Daughters performed the said offices to their fathers, and sisters to their brothers; not pretermitting those who did not neglect their broken-pated bachelors to whom they paid equal attention. ❋ William Carleton (1831)

However, _quid multis_ Mr. Hyacinthus; 'tis no indoctrinated or obscure scribe who now addresses you, and who does so from causes that may be salutary to your own health and very gentlemanly fame, according as you resave the same, not pretermitting interests involving, probably, on your part, an abundant portion of pecuniarity. ❋ William Carleton (1831)

But pretermitting these instances, was it not an acknowledged object of the convention and the universal expectation of the people, that the regulation of trade should be submitted to the general government in such a form as would render it an immediate source of general revenue? ❋ Unknown (1788)

The possibility that later courts will misapply a constitutional provision does not give us a basis for pretermitting litigation relating to that provision. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So thy servant David applies himself to his people, so he incorporates himself in his people, by calling them his brethren, his bones, his flesh; [123] and when they fell under thy hand, even to the pretermitting of himself, he presses upon thee by prayer for them; _I have sinned, but these sheep, what have they done? ❋ John Donne (1601)

"_pretermitting any opinion_" on the question, announces the doctrine that the citizens of the United States permanently residing in the ❋ William Gannaway Brownlow (1841)

It was also ornamented with the waving verdure of rich corn-fields and meadows, not pretermitting phatie-fields in full blossom -- a part of rural landscape which, to my utter astonishment, has escaped the pen of poet, and the brush of painter; although I will risk my reputation as a man of pure and categorical taste, if a finer ingredient in the composition of a landscape could be found than a field of Cork-fed phaties or Moroky ❋ William Carleton (1831)

"And expressly _pretermitting any expression of opinion_ upon the power of Congress to establish or prohibit slavery in any ❋ William Gannaway Brownlow (1841)

There is Mr. Hycy Burke, a tender-hearted young gentleman, and if you go on this way you will have him weeping 'for sheer sympathy, not pretermitting Mr. Clinton, his companion, who is equally inclined to be pathetic, if one can judge from apparent symptoms. " ❋ William Carleton (1831)

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