Definitions and meanings of "Pretty"

What do we mean by Pretty?

Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way. synonym: beautiful. adjective

Clever; adroit. adjective

Very bad; terrible. adjective

Ostensibly or superficially attractive but lacking substance or conviction. adjective

Considerable in size or extent. adjective

To a fair degree; moderately. adverb

In a pretty manner; prettily or pleasingly. adverb

One that is pretty. noun

Delicate clothing, especially lingerie. noun

To make pretty. transitive verb

(pretty much) For the most part; mostly. idiom

Moderately; reasonably; tolerably: expressing a degree less than very: as, a farm pretty well stocked; pretty good lodgings; I am pretty sure of the fact.

Crafty; cunning; clever; shrewd; keen.

Strong and bold; warlike; accomplished in arms.

Comely; handsome; good-looking; hence, in later use, pleasing to the esthetic sense; attractive through grace, elegance, neatness, harmony of parts, or delicacy of outline or coloring; having delicate beauty; pleasing the eye or ear rather than impressing the mind: as, a pretty face; a pretty cottage; a pretty picture.

Hence Affectedly neat or fastidious about one's personal appearance; finical; foppish.

Pleasing in general; pleasing to the mind; interesting; entertaining; gratifying.

Excellent; good; fine; nice: said loosely, like fine and nice, of almost any object or action as a general term of commendation, and also, like fine and nice, often used ironically, especially in exclamatory sentences.

Good or sufficient; moderately large in quantity, number, extent, duration, etc.; considerable.

A term of endearment, supplying the place of a diminutive.

A pretty person; a term of address to a pretty person.

Something that is pretty.

The word "pretty" in example sentences

How to use pretty in a sentence? Example sentences with the pretty, a sentence example for pretty, and how to make pretty in sample sentence, how do I use the word pretty in a sentence? How do you spell pretty in a sentence?

And Rush has the term pretty well locked down, which he defines as meaning you're a fan of the show and you appreciate having someone on the radio who agrees with your worldview. Jim Derych: Dittiots

The label pretty much let us have our way but when they got serious about making their quota, they would sometimes push Flipmode to the side. Rah Digga Interview | this is the first time that I found your site..pretty said considering I thought I was pretty smart! Transition for the Spouse, too? - SpouseBUZZ

Like, his word pretty much determines the course of our lives. Ballet's Gritty Inside Story

T. e of the pretty O F E N G L A N D* 245 pretty dairy plats that belonged - to the abbot; we take with us Darelbury, a pretty* parifti - church, and by the fide of it a fair houfe and de - mefnc of a long continued dcfcent of the Daniels, and now Mr. Daniel's -, and Prefton, called Pref - ton on the Hill. The History of Cheshire: Containing King's Vale-royal Entire

This episode is the follow-up to "Goodbye, Johnny," and the title pretty much removes any suspense about whether he was going to come back to the station. WKRP Episode: "Johnny Comes Back"

I'm one of the people who defends Haute Tension as much as I can the ending is forgiven by the title pretty much describing the entire film, and I know Aja has had a few hits and a miss. Pirnaha 3D Movie Trailer | /Film

Red said the title pretty much indicated why the professor didn't want to read it himself. Bob Edwards: The Ole Redhead

I would explain the plot but the title pretty much does it for me. Twisted Pictures Goes From SAW to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE –

And the title pretty much confirms it all, when you know how to read between the lines. Chris Benson: 'Beckapalooza' Tramples Emmett Till Anniversary

_Singing, Laughing all, Singing Laughing all, like pretty pretty_ Poll. Wit and Mirth: or Pills to Purge Melancholy, Vol. 5 of 6

The title pretty much says it all but be prepared for a lot of twists and turns in the storyline; surprise elements that only a talented voice such as Cairo could come up with. Deep Throat Diva

If you talk of bathing, they will advise you to _dook oonder_; and should a mother present her baby to you she will call it her _smook barn_, her pretty bairn or child, _smook_ being the Norse word for _pretty_. Chasing the Sun

The label pretty much makes its money solely on the premise that if teenagers like to see rubbish actors in movies, they will LOVE hearing them sing. Suge Knight Declares Himself Bankrupt

The title pretty much says it all but be prepared for a lot of twists and turns in the storyline; surprise elements that only a talented voice such as Cairo could come up with. Deep Throat Diva

The title pretty much gives away the entire film–a lone ballerina, off dancing in a field, runs afoul of a member of the walking dead gnawing on a head. Today on

Consider This: Despite its Hindi origin, this name has an unflattering downhome image, because “purdy” is an exaggerated way to pronounce the word pretty with a Southern accent. 5-Star Baby Name Advisor

II. iii.28 (195,3) _With, every thing that pretty bin_] is very properly restored by Hanmer, for _pretty is_; but he too grammatically reads, Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies

The title pretty much sums up the goal of the book: guilt by association. Terry Krepel: 'The Manchurian President': Conspiracy Theories, Birtherism, and Guilt by Association

The title pretty much says it all but be prepared for a lot of twists and turns in the storyline; surprise elements that only a talented voice such as Cairo could come up with. Deep Throat Diva

What does pretty mean?

What does the word pretty mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word pretty in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with pretty and anagrams of pretty. Looking for online definition of pretty in the dictionary? Pretty explanation free. What is pretty? Meaning of pretty term.

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