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Definitions and meanings of "Previewed"

What do we mean by previewed?

To show or watch something, or part of it, before it is complete.

To provide a potential suitor with images of various parts of one's body, usually taken with and emailed by cellphone, in advance of an assignation Urban Dictionary

Whenever a bitch really wants it, and you slip it in once, pull out and tell the bitch to leave. Urban Dictionary

Sneak-preview Urban Dictionary

When a girl sucks a guys finger, as an example of how it will feel when she gives him a blowjob. Urban Dictionary

N. 1. (Communication Arts / Broadcasting) a screening of a film, or series pilot, at an unexpected time to test audience reaction before its release. Not to be confused with sneak peek. Urban Dictionary

(Verb, Noun, Adj.) Someone that eats all your popcorn during the previews, saving none for the movie. Urban Dictionary

When a studio produced feature film gets lambasted in a pre-release preview, then is released as a completely different movie. Urban Dictionary

The loud farts that always come to let you know you need to take a shit. The magnitude of these farts ofter will indicate or "preview" how retched the shit will be. Urban Dictionary

When a person lets you know in advance what they plan on baking for some event or just for fun. Urban Dictionary

A dishonest, untrustworthy person's first, seemingly innocuous gesture that should have tipped you off as to their character. Urban Dictionary

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The word "previewed" in example sentences

Safin previewed his potential at the 1998 French Open, beating Andre Agassi and defending champion Gustavo Kuerten in successive matches. ❋ Unknown (2000)

The first of the three new titles previewed was "Starborn," which will be released in ❋ Unknown (2010)

There were several titles previewed for the press that night, but two really stuck out in my mind. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This disco party that never hit the clubs was Byrne's would-be theater piece that kind of previewed at New York City's Carnegie Hall (and Australia) in 2006. ❋ Unknown (2010)

As the years progressed, elements from the year before would be carried forward and elements from the year ahead would be "previewed" to some degree. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He's actually using an argument we kind of previewed here, telling the state, you know, you can be true to your progressive intent, your insurgent traditions, and keep the race alive. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Both the web and the device interface can be "previewed" in the leaked screenshots, it seems. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The network, called Game Center, will be "previewed" with iPhone OS 4.0 this summer. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"The ones I've looked at and kind of previewed .... they're all very well-qualified," said Gary Nunnally, the city's personnel / purchasing director. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Of course he [went with] her ... she previewed him [Tammy's] [boobs]! ❋ H. H. Buchanan (2008)

[ryan] [colburn] [wanted] a preview. ❋ Anonymous (2003)

I was thinking about [fuckin] [that bitch] in her pussy but I gave her a sneak-preview [in the butt] ❋ Stormin' (2003)

Oh my god man, [Suzy] gave me a preview, I'm so [excited] for [Friday night] now! ❋ Someguyonurbandictionary6 (2011)

We were [invited] to a [sneak preview] at [Warner] Bros. Studios! ❋ Jrskow (2011)

Jack: How was the movie? John: It sucked Jacob [preview] [pirated] me so I had no [popcorn]. Jack: What a faggot! ❋ Austin42 (2009)

'wow, i saw that [movie] a year ago under a different name, and it was a [thriller]...not a [comedy], that's preview fraud!' ❋ Sandspit (2009)

"[Whoops] that preview fart is a [sign] of things to come. I better go [take the browns to the superbowl]" ❋ Old Man Withers (2006)

[Duder] 1: "Oh just [give me a break]. Cookies, cake and brownies that's what I'm gonna bake." Duder 2: "Sweet dude! I can't wait for your grandma's funeral! Your baking preview left me craving [them shits]." ❋ Westfalia (2010)

It was many years later, after he had left her for her best friend, that she realized - his [stiffing] [the waiter] on their first date was a snake [preview]. ❋ Monkey's Dad (2020)

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What does previewed mean?

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