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A principle is a concept or value that is a guide for behavior or evaluation. In law, it is a rule that has to be or usually is to be followed, or can be desirably followed, or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature or the way that a system is constructed. The principles of such a system are understood by its users as the essential characteristics of the system, or reflecting system's designed purpose, and the effective operation or use of which would be impossible if any one of the principles was to be ignored. A system may be explicitly based on and implemented from a document of principles as was done in IBM's 360/370 Principles of Operation. Examples of principles are, entropy in a number of fields, least action in physics, those in descriptive comprehensive and fundamental law: doctrines or assumptions forming normative rules of conduct, separation of church and state in statecraft, the central dogma of molecular biology, fairness in ethics, etc. In common English, it is a substantive and collective term referring to rule governance, the absence of which, being "unprincipled", is considered a character defect. It may also be used to declare that a reality has diverged from some ideal or norm as when something is said to be true only "in principle" but not in fact..

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  • Plural form of principle. noun

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That, as precedents for the construction of a successful flying machine, the investigation of some species of birds as a base of the principles of all is correct only in connection with the species and habits of the bird; that the _general mechanical principles_ of flight applicable to the _operation_ of the _same unit_ of wing in _all_ species are alone applicable to the flying machine.. [Scientific American Supplement, No. 443, June 28, 1884]

Thus from universal and necessary ideas we rise to the _absolute Idea_, from immutable principles to a _First Principle of all principles_, a _First Thought_ of all thoughts -- that is, to _God_.. [Christianity and Greek Philosophy or, the relation between spontaneous and reflective thought in Greece and the positive teaching of Christ and His Apostles]

But sticking up for your principles is only admirable if your principles are admirable.. [A matter of principle]

But after the platitudes — which they call principles — everything turned strange.. [CPAC: Conservatives Pout and Complain]

His message of self-esteem and success is built on what he calls the principles of "" possibility thinking, '' a phrase suggested by Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale to distinguish Schuller's message from the "" positive thinking '' coined by her husband.. [From The Glass House To The White House]

Up to this point we have practically had most of the other writers on the subject with us, as I have said already: for all of them identify their elements, and what they call their principles, with the contraries, giving no reason indeed for the theory, but contrained as it were by the truth itself.. [Physics]

We did send down what we call our principles of effectiveness, and those are now being used by the states to make sure all of these programs develop data as to what their needs are, develop goals and purposes, then develop research-based programs, and develop evaluation.. [Press Briefing By Dick Riley And Ray Fisher]

Bound up in these four principles is the intention to promote a way of life in other countries which not only mirrors our own fundamental values here in Canada, but also is the basis of future prosperity here and in other countries.. [Canada's World Role]

He had never seen Karoly at work: master Karoly had taught him and Bog-dan and Yuri what he called the principles of the arts, shown them the weather-glass and other such prognosticating devices; but the true magic master Karoly had never given mem, nor ever worked in front of witnesses, unless one counted his communing with the walls of the keep and the earth of the fields.. [The Goblin Mirror]

It is indeed only in consequence of the default, or omission, of such precept or command, that the abolitionist appeals to what he calls the principles of the gospel.. [Cotton is King, and Pro-Slavery Arguments Comprising the Writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartrwright on This Important Subject]

M. Dunoyer, with whom nothing can be done when what he calls principles are under discussion, is very far from believing that in matters of political economy yes and no may be true at the same moment and to the same extent; let it be said even to his credit, such a conception is the more repugnant to him because of the frankness and honesty with which he holds his doctrines.. [System of Economical Contradictions: or, the Philosophy of Misery]

'They may have what they call principles,' he admitted, intent on pursuing his advantage over the colonel, who said, to shorten the controversy: 'It's a question of my vote, and my liking.. [Beauchamp's Career — Volume 2]

"The Creed and the Ten Commandments are what I call principles," said. [The Two Guardians or, Home in This World]

These doctrines, which they call their principles, are so frequently brought into the pulpit, that sometimes a private member of one of those denominations, when he goes to hear a preacher of the other, expecting what will come forward, has his scriptural notes prepared, and reads them against the doctrines delivered: on which issue is joined, and the doctrines are debated in the presence of the congregation.. [Sketches of North Carolina, Historical and Biographical, Illustrative of the Principles of a Portion of Her Early Settlers]

In announcing his speech in Michigan, Romney's presidential campaign exploratory committee listed what it called his "principles for health-care reform," which include giving states the responsibility and resources to care for the poor, uninsured and chronically ill; giving a tax deduction to those who buy their own health insurance; and reducing the influence of lawsuits on medical care and costs.. [ -- Top News]

No -- I'm not ashamed of myself to make my innocent children smugglers: the more innocent they looked, the better; but there you are with what you call your principles again; as if it wasn't given to everybody by nature to smuggle.. [Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures]

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