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Hyphenation proc ess
Pronunciations /ˈpɹoʊsɛs/

Definitions and meanings of "Process"

What do we mean by process?

A series of events which produce a result (the product).

A set of procedures used to produce a product, most commonly in the food and chemical industries.

A path of succession of states through which a system passes.

Successive physiological responses to keep or restore health.

Documents issued by a court in the course of a lawsuit or action at law, such as a summons, mandate, or writ.

An outgrowth of tissue or cell.

A structure that arises above a surface.

An executable task or program.

The centre mark that players aim at in the game of squails.

1. Do something, (or at least pretend to). 2. Method of doing something, (or at least pretending to). 3. To chop or mix ingredients as in a food processor. 4. To compute. Urban Dictionary

To change the structural integrity of and object so as to render it incapable of containing mass. This is usually accomplished by a sudden, violent force, such as an explosion, or having the object struck by a hollow-point bullet travelling at extremely high velocities. Urban Dictionary

Term describing the current state of the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Tanking to acquire assets to eventually rise from the douldroms of the NBA. Also the nickname for Philadelphia center Joel Embiid. Urban Dictionary

Conversation(s) in which a couple, generally lesbians, overthink, overanalyze and overdiscuss their relationship until they drive each other mad. Usually framed in extremely evasive and passive-aggressive terms. Urban Dictionary

Discipline, Compete, Effort, Physical. The process is more than just the motto of the best high school football team of all time, it is a way of life. Urban Dictionary

1) euphemistic way of saying something has been tough or that you screwed up. Can be annoying if not used ironically. 2) way of talking about long-term goals and plans Urban Dictionary

The obstacles and struggles one goes through to become a professional in his/her field of work. Urban Dictionary

Damn … quietly in thought … Damn … process Yes there has been a lot .. to process And I may of made things harder your end Process .. I wasn’t saying it like had to be complete .. but in process .. like mine .. and absolute … you know like mine has moved on … If that’s all that’s stopping us … That’s not good enough :) Or it is … would love to read your mind you know …. Strangely there was a time when I thought I could .. Urban Dictionary

The act of sitting at a computer, bored to tears, wanting to be anywhere but here... maybe even dead, and working through piles and piles and piles of insurance paperwork that you'd really just rather light on fire and make smores with. Urban Dictionary

To chew food and enjoy it, without swallowing it as to not consume it's caloric value. Urban Dictionary

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The word "process" in example sentences

On the upper surface of the axis, the second vertebra, is a peg or process, called the _odontoid process_ from its resemblance to a tooth. ❋ Albert F. Blaisdell (N/A)

The BoE does "underwrite" to the extent that a bank in the process of swapping what you describe as their IOUs in the interbank settlement process* comes up short due to perversely high outflows vs inflows i.e. it has insufficient cash reserves lodged at the BoE to make good on those obligations caused by account activity and other banks will not lend that bank overnight money, then the BoE will do so to enable all IOUs to be honoured and the system to remain viable. ❋ IanPJ (2009)

But through the mists of all these conflicting theories and probabilities two facts of tremendous importance for our modern world emerge in clear relief, namely, that the grand law of the conservation of matter still holds true, and hence that _the matter of our world must have had an origin at some time in the past wholly different in degree and different in kind from any process going on around us that we call a natural process_. ❋ George McCready Price (N/A)

= process = \% process\% ` n\%n\% msgbox, \% process\% ❋ Unknown (2009)

User) - InputObject $process - PassThru} $owners = ($appendedprocesses | select owner) foreach ($owner in $owners) $evtdescription = "PowerShell process is being run under the next account:" + $owner. ❋ Stefstr (2010)

But if you're open to exploring new avenues, the future for you and your word process program looks rosy. ❋ Marc Stoiber (2011)

The designation process aims to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis by requiring firms that pose risk to hold more capital and be subject to more oversight. ❋ Deborah Solomon (2011)

The designation process, which is mandated by the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, will require firms designated as systemically important to hold additional capital and be subject to heightened regulatory scrutiny. ❋ Deborah Solomon (2011)

Participants must be involved in process from the beginning, need input at start from intended users on how it can engage them. ❋ Mia (2008)

The barrel break in process is bullshit on a custom rifle barrel. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Far more serious than the problem of who expresses the goals or how they are expressed are the very consequences of the expression process itself, which, in our view, produce one major systematic bias. ❋ HENRY MINTZBERG (1994)

Co-operative federalism or whatever one may call the process is a practical necessity. ❋ Unknown (1964)

"The manner in which the council has conducted its rule-making on the designation process raises several process concerns," according to the memo. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Because of this, data revealed that most companies are putting a premium on improving the quality of their service (38.4 percent) and optimizing their processes (11.7 percent) to ensure the call process is shorter. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It is when the term process is used to represent the means or method of producing a result that it is patentable, and it will include all methods or means which are not effected by mechanism or mechanical combinations. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In order to point out the equally obvious fact that the nature of the process is an open question and contrary to a widespread misunderstanding among ID critics, the plausibility of Paley, Dembski hinges on a resolution of this origins issue. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair said in a speech at a conference here that regulators needed to "move forward and develop some hard metrics to guide" the designation process. ❋ Victoria McGrane (2011)

If this blasted computer doesn't stop pretending to process stuff and find some process for completing the process I assigned it, I'm going to put its [processor] into a [blender] and process it [but good]! ❋ Downstrike (2004)

We are going out to the [firing range] to process some [watermelons] with our 50 [calibre] rifles. ❋ Aribeth (2005)

"[Trust The Process]!" "When we win the 2020 [NBA Finals], you'll [thank] The Process!" "Sam Hinkie sacrificed himself for The Process." ❋ Cheesesteakaholic (2017)

p 1: "Honey, how do you feel about processing? I noticed that you keep finishing the [Rice Krispies] even though you know they're my favorite cereal. I know how much you love me but it only concerns me because you've been spending so much time with the rugby captain lately. [It's okay] if you have a little crush on someone else, you can tell me, [I know this] happens in relationships. I just need my Rice Krispies. Is it because I said I didn't want a cat?" p 2: Aaaaaaaaah! ❋ Mintyfish (2008)

[I follow] [the process] all day, [every day], 100% of the time. ❋ ProcessPlayerOfTheWeek (2021)

1) Kanye West tweet, after misspelling "[Silicon]" "[Silicone]": Lol I spelled Silicon wrong ( I guess I was still thinking about the other type of [silicone] ITS A PROCESS!! : ) 2) I want to be able to forgive my dad after he slept with my aunt but it's a process. ❋ Linguishionista (2011)

[Football players] go through [a major] PROcess to become incredibley [talented]. ❋ CarlileNeverSleeps (2010)

Process … of [elimination] ;) Or should that be .. [illumination] ❋ LetsTalkAboutX (2023)

heather and i were processing documents the other day when, [BLAHHH] (self explanatory) addy walked in, obviously hung over and maybe still drunk with none other than the ingredients for [smores], so [we lit] our desks on fire and enjoyed the gooey deliciousness. ❋ Janey Smithsonian (2008)

Natalie processed a dozen [Krispy Kreme] donuts in [30 seconds], on [national donut day]. ❋ Jjccquiroz (2016)

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