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Definitions of "prompt"

  • Being on time; punctual. adjective
  • Carried out or performed without delay: a prompt reply. adjective
  • To move to act; spur; incite: A noise prompted the guard to go back and investigate. verb-transitive
  • To give rise to; inspire: The accident prompted a review of school safety policy. verb-transitive
  • To assist with a reminder; remind. verb-transitive
  • To assist (an actor or reciter) by providing the next words of a forgotten passage; cue. verb-transitive
  • The act of prompting or giving a cue. noun
  • A reminder or cue. noun
  • Computer Science A symbol that appears on a monitor to indicate that the computer is ready to receive input. noun
  • Business A prompt note. noun
  • Business The time limit stipulated in a prompt note. noun
  • Ready, willing (to act). adjective
  • Quick, acting without delay. adjective
  • On time, punctual. adjective
  • A reminder or cue noun
  • A symbol that appears on a monitor to indicate that the computer is ready to receive input. noun
  • A suggestion for inspiration given to an author. noun
  • To lead someone toward what they should say or do. verb
  • - to show or tell an actor/person the words they should be saying, or actions they should be doing. verb

The word "prompt" in example sentences

It also welcomed what it called the prompt release of the results.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

It also welcomed what it called the prompt release of the results, which were officially released earlier on Friday by. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The 210000-member union also welcomed what it called the prompt release of results.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The goal of the project is to enable the military to carry out what it calls a "prompt global strike.". [NYT > Home Page]

I still feel a prompt is like a hotel swipe card which will take me to the ‘other side’.. [Unlocking Stories « Write Anything]

This prompt is part of Gwen Bell's Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.. [Archive 2009-12-01]

I must say, though, that that automatic answering prompt is an obvious trap. jjr. [GOP turns tables on Democrats]

DETROIT - Many questions arose from the Redskins 'latest horrible experience here against the Detroit Lions, whose 37-25 victory Sunday afternoon could again prompt change in Washington.. [Washington Redskins lose to Detroit Lions, 37-25; Donovan McNabb replaced by Rex Grossman]

Normally using the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace shortcut key combination will immediately restart the X server and bring you back to the login prompt — an extremely useful tool when testing xorg. conf changes for your display setup — but the latest version of Ubuntu has removed this ability to prevent new users from accidentally triggering a restart.. [Re-Enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace For Ubuntu 9.04 | Lifehacker Australia]

Terminal vs. command prompt is like Ferrari vs smart car.. [Win 7 Vs Mac OS X Leopard: Feature-by-Feature Showdown | Lifehacker Australia]

The prompt is a little more complicated to get right and there's a lot better documentation out there.. [Move Files Without Breaking Stuff | Lifehacker Australia]

The screen capture of that prompt is also attached.. [Citi "Homeowner Helper" Site Merely Potemkin Village? - The Consumerist]

Actually, this prompt is timely – any Facebook (ex) Scrabulous players can tell you the OUTRAGE and downright NASTINESS that ensued when the game was pulled and replaced by Scrabble Beta.. [Bright Stuff #560 « Write Anything]

The prompt is “Write a story using these words (in this order): glue, sand, rocket, pencil and mug”.. [Three-Word Game « Write Anything]

Every Sunday, a prompt is given and you have ninety minutes to write something inspired by the prompt.. [ » 2007 » September]

I get a login prompt when trying to access vaconservative. com.. [Waldo Jaquith - Judge Dotson.]

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