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Property, in the abstract, is what belongs to or with something, whether as an attribute or as a component of said thing. In the context of this article, it is one or more components (rather than attributes), whether physical or incorporeal, of a person's estate; or so belonging to, as in being owned by, a person or jointly a group of people or a legal entity like a corporation or even a society. Depending on the nature of the property, an owner of property has the right to consume, alter, share, redefine, rent, mortgage, pawn, sell, exchange, transfer, give away or destroy it, or to exclude others from doing these things, as well as to perhaps abandon it; whereas regardless of the nature of the property, the owner thereof has the right to properly use it (as a durable, mean or factor, or whatever), or at the very least exclusively keep it. In economics and political economy, there are three broad forms of property: private property, public property, and collective property (also called cooperative property).Property that jointly belongs to more than one party may be possessed or controlled thereby in very similar or very distinct ways, whether simply or complexly, whether equally or unequally. However, there is an expectation that each party's will (rather discretion) with regard to the property be clearly defined and unconditional, so as to distinguish ownership and easement from rent. The parties might expect their wills to be unanimous, or alternately every given one of them, when no opportunity for or possibility of dispute with any other of them exists, may expect his, her, its or their own will to be sufficient and absolute. The Restatement (First) of Property defines property as anything, tangible or intangible whereby a legal relationship between persons and the state enforces a possessory interest or legal title in that thing. This mediating relationship between individual, property and state is called a property regime.In sociology and anthropology, property is often defined as a relationship between two or more individuals and an object, in which at least one of these individuals holds a bundle of rights over the object. The distinction between "collective property" and "private property" is regarded as a confusion since different individuals often hold differing rights over a single object.Important widely recognized types of property include real property (the combination of land and any improvements to or on the land), personal property (physical possessions belonging to a person), private property (property owned by legal persons, business entities or individual natural persons), public property (state owned or publicly owned and available possessions) and intellectual property (exclusive rights over artistic creations, inventions, etc.), although the last is not always as widely recognized or enforced. An article of property may have physical and incorporeal parts. A title, or a right of ownership, establishes the relation between the property and other persons, assuring the owner the right to dispose of the property as the owner sees fit..

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  • Plural form of property. noun

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~ Many properties of a substance can be noted without causing the substance to undergo chemical change, and are therefore called its _physical properties_.. [An Elementary Study of Chemistry]

That they might think clearly and suggestively about the properties of elements, and connect these with other chemical facts, they have translated the language of sense-perceptions into the language of thought, and, for _properties of those substances which have not been decomposed_, have used the more fertile expression _atomic properties_.. [The Story of Alchemy and the Beginnings of Chemistry]

One difference between Windows PowerShell and VBScript, is that the properties are accessed via the properties_ collection.. [Site Home]

Generating random sequences and then identifying new enzymes and their properties is an active area of research.. [A Disclaimer for Behe?]

One of our properties is a ranch, after all, and we're going to have to have one sooner or later.. [Legalizing a U.S. Plated Pickup truck]

An accusation of “propaganda” and “Nazism” coming from one of Rupert Murdoch†™ s media properties is the ultimate irony: News Corp is practically the official Republican communications outlet, owner of the Fox Channels, Fox News (the “anti-liberal” news channel), the New York Post, The Weekly Standard, The Sun, among others.. [Think Progress » New York Post Compares Robert Greenwald to Nazi Propagandist]

Reflecting the values of our society in our media properties is an important responsibility.. [Creating Value in a Competitive Media Industry]

In 1826 Schmucker wrote, in defense of the Lutheran doctrine of the Person of Christ: "Only lack of insight and of clearness of intellect can mislead an honest opponent to impute a contradiction to the doctrine when it denies that the glorified body of Christ has the properties and is subjected to the laws which we call properties and laws of matter.". [American Lutheranism Volume 2: The United Lutheran Church (General Synod, General Council, United Synod in the South)]

We had to look out for the 60 plus land owners here and the futures they may want, not just one rich guys wish to separate his properties from the rest of our small town.. [It's the water (Jack Bog's Blog)]

One of the simplest examples of an emergent properties is that of common table salt (NaCl) which has properties that do not exist for either sodium (Na) or chlorine (Cl) in isolation.. [Against Darwinism]

If you remove all of the Murdoch owned properties from a Google search for FoxNews, the first thing you would get right now is OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism.. [Hypothetical peek into the feverish mind of Rupert Murdoch - Boing Boing]

But Harrah's Entertainment Inc., the largest casino owner in Atlantic City with four properties, is keeping an open mind.. [Hard Rock to build casino-hotel in Atlantic City]

Moore has also agreed to a money judgment of $50 million and to specifically forfeit his right, title, and interest in properties located in North Carolina and Florida.. [Bill Singer: ATM Investment Scheme Guilty Plea]

The foreclosure group includes some middle-class dwellers living in properties valued at $500,000 to $1 million.. [Marin Borrowers Unite Against Mortgage Firms]

It's not the sexiest business to go into, but demand for concrete aggregate fill to lay base layers of new roads and properties is going to be high in the coming years.. [Michael Seager: Dear Wyclef: Do Business, Go Green]

Studio Shift made certain that their submission integrated many properties from the site to make it more energy efficient.. [Studio Shift’s Epic Green Center For Disease Control | Inhabitat]

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