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Definitions of "prospects"

  • Plural form of prospect. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of prospect. verb

The word "prospects" in example sentences

But again, the question is, given that there likely will be an oversupply of entry-level lawyers for at least a short time, if someone finds themselves without a job with long-term prospects, is it better to do something or nothing?. [ University of Miami Law School Announces Foreclosure Defense Fellowships]

Chief among the prospects is a hitter from the Far East and a pitcher from the Dominican Republic.. [ - Dodgers 2002 prospect report]

Still, the full facts have yet to be disclosed and the phrasing of the MAC clause, particularly the inclusion of the word "prospects," gives Cerberus and Chatham a hook to litigate and argue that the court is required to take a broad view of the MAC to encompass the future earnings potential and performance of Innkeepers.. [NYT > Home Page]

It might not necessarily have been wise, given that they were the bookies 'favourites to be relegated before the season began, for Yorkshire to be talking up their title prospects immediately before meeting Durham, but if there were a good time to have the defending champions in town then it is probably right now.. [The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed]

"The Champions League tie against Real Madrid and Saturday's (today) Premiership game against Manchester United are massive fixtures that will define our title prospects," Benitez admitted early in the week ahead of Tuesday's Champions League tie against Real Madrid and today's Premiership fixture against Manchester United.. []

Everybody knows that Boyd is hugely prolific in the SPL, but having pored over these numbers you couldn't but come to the conclusion that if Rangers sell Boyd in January they may as well fold their tents and kiss their title prospects goodbye.. []

I lost to one of the best players in the world, "Nadal said, adding it was too early to comment on his title prospects at the Australian Open.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

The two latest new Admin prospects have been military.. [NASA Stimulus Fund Update - NASA Watch]

Children who come from stable, warm families have an advantage when it comes to their long-term prospects for happiness.. [Red Flags or Red Herrings?]

Analysts said investors ignored the results and instead focused on the strong collective performance of recent new listings in China and bright long-term prospects for the new-energy car industry.. [Despite Weak Earnings, BYD Up in Shenzhen Debut]

But he knows the DVD business's long-term prospects are grim in an online world, regardless of how healthy it is now.. [Time Warner Should Reed Hastings's Lips]

Owing to flaws in the design of the French system, France today can hardly undertake the structural reforms necessary to improve its long-term prospects.. [A Dysfunctional French Democracy]

Analysts remained doubtful about Greece's long-term prospects.. [European Stocks Edge Lower]

Despite slower growth forecasts globally and softer property demand in Singapore and China following market-tightening measures, the group stays "confident in the long-term prospects of these two markets," Southeast Asia's largest property developer by market capitalization said in a statement Tuesday.. [CapitaLand Net Profit Falls 20%]

Back in August last year, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that in order to enjoy good longer-term prospects, the U.S. would have to foster the development of a skilled work force, and that despite considerable strengths, the U.S. education system serves a substantial part of the population poorly.. [The Global Talent Paradox]

Frosh said he believes there are sufficient votes on the 11-member committee to send the bill to the Senate floor, where he called prospects for passage "a source of great speculation.". [Md. majority leaders sponsoring same-sex marriage bills]

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