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Definitions of "proud"

  • Feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which one measures one's stature or self-worth: proud of one's child; proud to serve one's country. adjective
  • Occasioning or being a reason for pride: "On January 1, 1900, Americans and Europeans greeted the twentieth century in the proud and certain belief that the next hundred years would make all things possible” ( W. Bruce Lincoln). adjective
  • Feeling or showing justifiable self-respect. adjective
  • Filled with or showing excessive self-esteem. adjective
  • Of great dignity; honored: a proud name. adjective
  • Majestic; magnificent: proud alpine peaks. adjective
  • Spirited. Used of an animal: proud steeds. adjective
  • Gratified; feeling honoured (by something); feeling satisfied or happy about a fact or event. adjective
  • Possessed of a due sense of what one is worth or deserves. adjective
  • Having too high an opinion of oneself; arrogant, supercilious. adjective
  • Generating a sense of pride; being a cause for pride. adjective
  • Brave, valiant; gallant. adjective
  • Standing out or raised; swollen. adjective
  • Excited by sexual desire; (of female animals) in heat. adjective
  • Happy, usually used with a sense of honor, as in "I'm so proud to have you in our town." But occasionally just plain happy as in "I'm proud to see gas prices down." This is a widespread colloquial usage in the southern United States. adjective
  • Feeling or manifesting pride, in a good or bad sense. adjective
  • Possessing or showing too great self-esteem; overrating one's excellences; hence, arrogant; haughty; lordly; presumptuous. adjective
  • Having a feeling of high self-respect or self-esteem; exulting (in); elated; -- often with of. adjective
  • Giving reason or occasion for pride or self-gratulation; worthy of admiration; grand; splendid; magnificent; admirable; ostentatious. adjective

The word "proud" in example sentences

For herself she was humbled; but she was proud of him, —proud that in a cause of compassion and honour he had been able to get the better of himself.. [Chapter LII]

I am proud of my position, because … proud of being … proud…. [Chapter XXII. Part III]

_thought_ 'gentlemen;' so general is this desire amongst the youth of this proud money making nation, that thousands upon thousands of them are, at this moment, in a state which may end in starvation; not so much because they are too _lazy_ to earn their bread, as because they are too _proud_!. [The Young Man's Guide]

After a childhood spent "surveiling" the protected "legitimate" family, a term proud Gwen hates, rebellious teenaged Dana inserts herself into her half-sister's life, with tragic results.. [ rss feed]

Badu has all the freakiness, ambition, and relevance that bigger or fresher names get credited for, and is one of the few "neo-soul" artists still doing the label proud, but doesn't get the same hype.. [Slate Magazine]

Just as he was finishing the second window, Emma traced inside the scant light of the bedroom and smiled softly at him, her expression proud.. [Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve]

Cecilia sailed gracefully past, her expression proud, unruffled.. [A Hopeless Romantic]

December 1st, 2009 11: 14 pm ET great speech, this president tells the truth .. makes me again proud to be a citizen in our nation with a honest president to lead us forward out of the lies and threats of the past administration. and getting our country on track in every problem from peace to back to work americans .. again I am proud to have voted for Mr. Obama. [Just In: Key Obama speech excerpts released]

Secondly, I believe the blind loyalty oath would make Hitler and Stalin proud and I have no intention of honoring it.. [Chris Ingram: Confessions of a Republican]

Left as in proud Socialists who had a coherent ideology to back them up.. [Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » School Uniforms]

Ralph Lauren is described as "proud to present an innovative way for parents and children to experience style, literature and digital technology.". [Rocco Staino: Ralph Lauren Poorly Promotes Kids Prep for Poverty]

“African will remain proud of your contribution,” writes Ugandan journalist Rosebell:. [Global Voices in English » Africa: Remembering Dr. Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem]

Africa will remain proud of you and your contribution to the deelopment of the continent.. [Global Voices in English » Africa: Remembering Dr. Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem]

Is McCain proud of his appointment of Sarah Palin as VP candidate?. [McCain addresses Palin, health care on Tonight Show]

As an Independent of San Antonio, TX, I am once again proud of America that a Hispanic, no matter what of political ideologies, is in the Supreme Court.. [Sotomayor confirmed for Supreme Court]

She tried to recollect where she had seen the like, and a vivid picture was recalled of a certain proud and rebellious sinner whom she had once encountered on a fruitless errand for the Lord.. [Jack London Play:The Scorn of Women]

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