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A prune is a dried plum of any cultivar, mostly Prunus domestica or European Plum. The use of the term for fresh fruit is obsolete except when applied to varieties grown for drying.Most prunes are freestone cultivars (the pit is easy to remove), whereas most other plums grown for fresh consumption are clingstone (the pit is more difficult to remove)..

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Definitions of "prune"

  • The partially dried fruit of any of several varieties of the common plum, Prunus domestica. noun
  • Any kind of plum that can be dried without spoiling. noun
  • Slang An ill-tempered, stupid, or incompetent person. noun
  • Slang To make a facial expression exhibiting ill temper or disgust: "Their faces prune at the slightest provocation” ( James Wolcott). verb-intransitive
  • To cut off or remove dead or living parts or branches of (a plant, for example) to improve shape or growth. verb-transitive
  • To remove or cut out as superfluous. verb-transitive
  • To reduce: prune a budget. verb-transitive
  • To remove what is superfluous or undesirable. verb-intransitive
  • A plum. noun
  • The dried, wrinkled fruit of certain species of plum. noun
  • An old woman, especially a wrinkly one. noun
  • To remove excess material from a tree or shrub; to trim, especially to make more healthy or productive. verb
  • To cut down or shorten (by the removal of unnecessary material); as, to prune a budget. verb
  • A plum; esp., a dried plum, used in cookery noun
  • To dress; to prink; -used humorously or in contempt. verb-intransitive
  • To lop or cut off the superfluous parts, branches, or shoots of; to clear of useless material; to shape or smooth by trimming; to trim: as, to prune trees; to prune an essay. verb-transitive
  • To cut off or cut out, as useless parts. verb-transitive
  • To preen; to prepare; to dress. verb-transitive
  • To lop superfluous twigs or branches from (a vine, bush, or tree); trim with a knife.

The word "prune" in example sentences

There's certainly no denying the family resemblance with those big eyes and lips -- we were once told that MK&A like to say the word "prune" when a photo is being taken to get just the right amount of pout happening, but that could be a rumor.. [News -]

Yes, redfox-I know how you feel about prunes ... and how a prune is like a cake.. [Paula Wolfert's Prune and Apple Tart with Filo Rosettes]

I even like the word prune -- calling prunes "dried plums" is precise but pretentious.. [Happy Anti-Valentine's Day]

Indira Gandhi - The future Indian prime minister is described as a "prune - bitter, kind of pushy, horrible woman.". [Breaking News: CBS News]

The world's most famous prune is French, but California grows its clones.. [News & Politics]

If that has been repeated at other clubs, is it any surprise that money in football is what Sir Alan Sugar has scatologically termed "prune juice"?. [David Bernstein hopes Rooney will score with bigwigs at FA]

In my day every one born in Calif. was called a prune picker ... [Think Progress » ThinkFast PM: July 13, 2006]

Those of us with a bit of eastern European culinary indoctrination swoon at the idea of prune-filled pastries.. [Archive 2007-05-01]

January 16th, 2008 at 4: 47 am PST the perks of being a wallflower day flower name prune tree valentine bead does easy flower it wire flower flower garden garden rose rose desktop flower free photo site wallpaper where have all the flower gone flower and gift delivery for valentine flower and wine for valentine day flower flower garden garden rose rose reply. [When Will’s Ad Campaign Start Paying For Itself?]

In stating your opinion on the structural character of man, bird, or beast, always wilfully caricature; it gives you something to prune, which is ever so much more satisfactory than having constantly to fill gaps which an unincisive vision has caused, and which will invariably make work dull and mediocre and wooden.. [The Mind of the Artist Thoughts and Sayings of Painters and Sculptors on Their Art]

For example, we had an argument about whether or not a prune was a dried plum.. [My Kriegie Education 1942-1945]

The discharge of pneumonia is of a somewhat red or reddish brown color and, on this account has been described as a prune-juice discharge.. [Special Report on Diseases of the Horse]

As for me, I felt as I remember feeling after partaking meekly of what one of my aunts used to call prune tea -- a decoction made by boiling so many French plums along with half an ounce of senna leaves.. [Blue Jackets The Log of the Teaser]

Another reason to prune is to maintain the plant for its intended purpose within your yard or landscape.. [Summit Daily News - Top Stories]

One important reason to prune is to eliminate crossed and rubbing branches because rubbing branches can lead to open wounds.. [ -]

The total of a cherry and a prune is a cherry and a prune and never two cherries nor two prunes.. [EconTalk]

Prune Translates

TurkishPrune English to Turkish Translate
i. kuru erik, çir; kuru erik rengi, koyu mor renk; (argo) budala kimse. wild prune dağ eriği.i. kuru erik, çir; kuru erik rengi, koyu mor renk; (argo) budala kimse. wild prune dağ eriği.

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@Bunnyman98 @GKeile another country would suit me fine. The trouble is they are dictators HERE in our coun…


@WandrilleV Je ne sais pas ce que c’est. Là c’est du pâté de Marcel VI avec un cœur de foie gras. Accompagné d’une vieille prune.


I would love to see the look on Nastys smug ass face, Build the Wall Prune MUG!

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PRUNE GAME - iOS / Android Gameplay Trailer
7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know
7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know

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