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The next Playstation after Playstation 4. Don't know when it's coming out yet though. Don't know if Xbox one will survive though, only time will tell. Playstation is owned by Sony. If there is a next Xbox I THINK it will be called Xbox two or something (just a guess) Urban Dictionary

A console that everyone wants even though the xbox series x is better for many reasons like game pass, storage and It's 17% more powerful than the ps5. When people think of a console they always think of a playstation instead of an xbox but why? This mystery is still unsolved to this day. Please everyone buy a ps5 I even made a meme for you so you will buy one. Xbox fans Playstation fans o_o 0_o xbox has a game pass, better specs, hEhEHe miLes m0rAlEs g0eS bUrRr more powerful and better storage Urban Dictionary

An ugly ass console SONY made to make people broke as fuck Urban Dictionary

The console you can't get. Urban Dictionary

What most guys will sell their bodies for. Urban Dictionary

The new Playstation which looks like a wifi router mixed with a 2010 sky box, compared with the xbox series X its a battle between the Fridge and the Router. Urban Dictionary

A console that was a meme for being one of those things that felt like they were never gonna come out, thus sparking the meme that go a little like "The release date for the PS5 is-" presenting a moment near death scene. Then in 2020 when the PS5 released, instead of the meme dying out it had a new, reborn meme as the PS5 sold out inmensely which made the PS5 look like the winning lottery ticket. Urban Dictionary

The sexiest, dirtiest console to exist... its juicey and always has that delicious gamestop smell. Every one want to get there hands on this curvy bitch. Just want to slap that thicc booty. Urban Dictionary

The wifi router your dads kept for years Urban Dictionary

A new console that people won’t shut the fuck up about Urban Dictionary

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The word "ps5" in example sentences

March 7, 2008 at 6:17 PM get pictures of the ps5 and i will be impressed ❋ Unknown (2007)

"Dude you [getting] the [PS5]?" "[Of course] bro" ❋ T00pr0 (2013)

Why does everyone [buy] the ps5 [the xbox] is [better]. ❋ Big Finner (2020)

[haha] [you don't] have a ps5 ❋ The_pfp_maker (2022)

PS5 [sold out] in [seconds] [worldwide]! ❋ Bronelson (2020)

John: Dude I heard [Nate] [sold] his body to get the PS5 Mark: Can't really [blame] him. ❋ Ecua73 (2020)

ME: what console you gunna get the friend you don't like" Defo the Ps5, it looks so [futuristic] and not at all like my [BT] [Broadband] box ❋ Benyedderstinker43 (2020)

Before PS5 released: Guy 1: Bro... when is this game update gonna finish!!!!!!!! Guy 2: Yeah bro it's gonna finish when the PS5 releases lmfao get it because like you kn- Guy 1: [Get out of my house]. After PS5 release: Guy 1: Yo I got the new PS5! Guy 2: WTF HOW DID YOU GET THAT ISNT THAT LIKE SO RARE?? Guy 1: I got money to buy it offline, I got lucky for it not to be a scam, wanna play on my house? Guy 2: Don't your parents like [prohibit] visitors on your house? Guy 1: Nah bro [its fine], I sold my parents anyways and let me have the house so like- Guy 2: WTF? ❋ Warp_d (2022)

Bro that PS5 got me [gaming] [SO hard] last night [owo] ❋ Cute_toes666 (2020)

"[Dad] wheres the PS5" "You mean the [wifi router]?" "[God dammit] [dad]" ❋ MyMelonsAreToBigToFitInMyPants (2020)

hey john have [you heard] of the [ps5] [coming out] ❋ N0tfunnydidntlaugh (2020)

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