Definitions and meanings of "Psyches"

What do we mean by psyches?

The human soul, mind, or spirit.

(chiefly psychology) The human mind as the central force in thought, emotion, and behavior of an individual.

A small white butterfly, Leptosia nina, family Pieridae, of Asia and Australasia.

Main Entry: psyched Variant(s): also psyched /'sIkd/ Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): psyched; To be excited or pumped up about something.  Urban Dictionary

Often believed, by those who don't understand the term's origin, to be spelt (or spelled, for the American audience) 'sike'. Deriving from the word psychology, psych is a term used to indicate that whatever the person speaking just said was done so purely to mess with the listener's mind, to 'psych' them out, if you will.  Urban Dictionary

To fake someone out. To lead someone on and then to immediately decline an ending.  Urban Dictionary

A word used when you are just kidding with your friends, and don't mean whatever it was that you just said.  Urban Dictionary

The human mind as the central force in thought, emotion, and behavior of an individual.  Urban Dictionary

Just Kidding or faking out someone  Urban Dictionary

To retract your previous statement, in an attempt to fool the person you're talking/chatting to. Also see sike.  Urban Dictionary

A TV show about a guy named Shawn who fakes being a psychic (he has a near perfect memory) to avoid going to jail and ends up working as the Santa Barbara police station psychic. Characters: Shawn Gus Jules Lassitor (Lassie)  Urban Dictionary

Originaly the greek goddess of the soul, which the word psychology is derived from.  Urban Dictionary

Cool, dank, sweet, shiznit, da bomb  Urban Dictionary

The word "psyches" in example sentences

How to use psyches in a sentence? Example sentences with the psyches, a sentence example for psyches, and how to make psyches in sample sentence, how do I use the word psyches in a sentence? How do you spell psyches in a sentence?

Alice in Wonderland - the question of what they would next wrest from their psyches was a more than academic one. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Funky, fun music plays in one of the psyches, which is very catchy and sets the right mood. ❋ Unknown (2009)

We are creating the world's most trusted encyclopedia and knowledge base. log in, you'll be able to edit this page instantly! consciousnesses, also called psyches, existentialities, experiencers, souls, or, in certain improper sense, even Turing machines could not colonize. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Similarly, our psyches are the canvases of the emotional life we have experienced, and our demeanor is colored by the road our hearts and minds have traveled. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Neku fights on the bottom screen, and attacks using "psyches" granted to him by pins that you collect throughout the game. ❋ Greg Tannahill (2008)

In any case, Western civilization’s been declining for a good long while, so our psyches are all pretty toughened up anyway. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Just maybe, we ought ask if some "psyches" just are not that lovable? ❋ Unknown (2009)

KP 'psyches' Oz batters with reverse swing terrors ahead of Ashes LONDON - England batsman Kevin Pietersen has said that there is a good chance that Australia's batters will come up against reverse swing during the Ashes series. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Uh, yes," we say, "we are worried about, uh, the psyches of our kids, which is why instead of sitting at a piano taping donkey-related sheet music into a plastic sleeve while someone bites us on the arm, we are watching Criminal Minds reruns and providing vague verbal encouragement." ❋ Alexandra Petri (2011)

The reality is that there will always be insecurity in all our lives and if it isn't something that can be personified by an enemy like bin Laden, our psyches will shift it to some other form; it will manifest itself as financial insecurity, social insecurity, relationship or spiritual insecurity. ❋ Dr. John Demartini (2011)

Potentially tendentious legislative debates could wait a week, as legislators took some time to soothe their frayed psyches and show support for their fallen colleague. ❋ Jason Linkins (2011)

People met at that age of such deep feelings and dreams seem to leap into our psyches with a ferocity that is seldom matched as we grow older. ❋ Lorraine Devon Wilke (2011)

I'd like to think that, in the manner of the ghost, his best side still drives American psyches. ❋ Henry Allen (2011)

Amy Chua says that it's because we are terrified that our over-competitive ways are going to warp our children's psyches. ❋ Alexandra Petri (2011)

I'm [soooo] psyched about [the party]. ❋ Random Hero (2003)

"[I hate you]... [PSYCH]! you're [awesome]!" ❋ ThisBitch") (2015)

You: [Yo] i was with this [hot piece of ass] last night. Me: Really? Who was it? You: Psyche! Like i could [get with] a hot piece of ass?! ❋ Urban Dictionary (2004)

[Derek]: You're my best friend! [Jason]: Thanks! Derek: Psyche! [I fucking hate you] asshole! ❋ Mr. Sneakers (2009)

I was [bulied] so many times and that [affected] my [psyche]. ❋ BlackPohatu (2016)

1: Are you really [lend] me that 1.000 dollars for [my grandma's] operation?! 2: Nope, [Psyche]! ❋ To Da Max (2006)

Yeah, I fucked both those [model] [chicks]...[psych]! ❋ Michael Jackson...psych! (2004)

Psych quotes: Shawn: Good morning, detectives. Collecting Money for the [Policeman's ball]? Lassie: We don't have balls. Shawn: ... I honestly don't have a response to that. Shawn: Remember, Dad. Treat a woman like a person, then a princess, then a goddess, then a person again. Shawn: Gus, don't be exactly one half of a [black forest ham]. Shawn: How can you tell someone's a compulsive liar? Well, apart from their pants being on fire. Shawn: Gus, don't be a rabid porcupine. Shawn: Gus, don't be an incorrigible Eskimo pie with a [caramel ribbon]. ❋ Pink Striped Panda Bears (2011)

he myths of the Greek goddess Psyche exemplify a woman's search for authentic personal growth, a reminder that the integration of our experiences, however sad or frightening they may be, [matures] and transforms us, like the symbol of [the butterfly] emerging into the light from its dark [cocoon]. ❋ Psi (2004)

[Sirhc]: dude, how was M:I [III]?? [Nivek]: it was psych, yo. ❋ Shinigami Nivek (2006)

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