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Definitions of "psychological"

  • Of or relating to psychology. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or arising from the mind or emotions. adjective
  • Influencing or intended to influence the mind or emotions. adjective
  • Of or being any of certain primary colors whose mixture may be subjectively conceived as producing other colors. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to psychology; of the nature of psychology; of or pertaining to the mind as the subject of psychology.
  • Of or pertaining to psychology. adjective
  • mental or emotional as opposed to physical in nature adjective
  • of or relating to or determined by psychology adjective

The word "psychological" in example sentences

But that word got to be associated with the dissemination of outright lies, so the United States started using the term psychological warfare, which eventually gave way to psy-ops.. [Slate Magazine]

One has evidently the right to apply the term psychological to the whole sensation, taken _en bloc_, and comprising in itself both impression and consciousness.. [The Mind and the Brain Being the Authorised Translation of L'Âme et le Corps]

As it is commonly applied, the term psychological addiction covers at least three areas, only one of which would include .... [World of SL]

I am so hesitant to use the term psychological, because it has so many connotations associated with it.. [Latest News from Web 2.0 Journal]

I am so hesitant to use the term psychological, because it has so many connotations associated with it.. [Latest News from SOA World Magazine]

I am so hesitant to use the term psychological, because it has so many connotations associated with it.. [Independent Information Technology and business analysis from]

I am so hesitant to use the term psychological, because it has so many connotations associated with it.. [Latest News from SOA World Magazine]

He also complained about what he calls a psychological war against his group, demanding that his followers close ranks to defeat what he calls outside plots and threats.. [Shi'ites Commemorate Ashura Across Middle East]

He admits that he has taken some of his research to heart; for instance, his work on what he calls the psychological immune system has led him to believe that he would be able to adapt to even the worst turn of events.. [Scientific Self-help, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

It ` s part of what I call the psychological burka that American women are forced to wear because of the rampant, unpredictable crime against them that can happen anywhere: at work, at school, in the home.. [CNN Transcript Sep 15, 2009]

Women can ` t do this, and it ` s what I call the psychological burqa.. [CNN Transcript Oct 21, 2009]

They talked about what they called psychological pressure, mind games during their nearly two weeks of detainment saying they were blindfolded, subjected to random interrogation.. [CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2007]

If it comes to that point, however, in these cases, in general, broadly speaking, they will conduct what they call a psychological autopsy, if it comes to that, trying to determine what factors were at play, what might have been going on that contributed to this tragedy -- Soledad.. [CNN Transcript Jun 8, 2005]

HALPERN: Real basic stuff, what we refer to as psychological first aid.. [CNN Transcript Sep 3, 2005]

If it comes to it, they will conduct what they call a psychological autopsy.. [CNN Transcript Jun 8, 2005]

Now, the Somalis themselves feel, they told us today when we were out in the streets, they feel that they are under some sort of what they call psychological warfare.. [CNN Transcript Jan 15, 2002]

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