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Anglia magnarum foecunda puerpera rerum, siue solum spectes nobile, siue salum; ❋ Unknown (2003)

And hereof saith a noble versifier: Transit ad æthera, virgo puerpera, virgula Jesse, Non sine corpore, sed sine tempore, tendit adesse. ❋ 1230-1298 (1900)

This frequent resort to fire seems to arise from an instinctive idea to protect the puerpera from cold, but it certainly is beneficial in so far as it allows her a certain period of rest, and may it not hasten uterine contraction and prevent hemorrhage? ❋ Unknown (1884)

With regard to the first period the puerpera should be as unclean during the time of the bloody flow as she is during the menstrual flow, and this period after the birth of a male child is fixed at seven days, but after the birth of a female at two weeks. 3 ❋ Unknown (1884)

The same I may say of our own Indians, with the exception of the Yumas, of whom I see it stated that the puerpera and the murderer are treated to the same diet; neither are allowed to eat either meat or salt for one month, for the purpose of purification. ❋ Unknown (1884)

As soon as possible after delivery the puerpera is placed on a bed on the floor of the lodge, and securely wrapped in blankets, or whatever kind of covering they have. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The women of the Laguna Pueblo remain unwashed and in bed for four days; very early on the fifth the puerpera is washed and dressed under the superintendence of a Sheaine or priest, who walks out, followed by the women, to see the sun rise and to render thanks for her safe delivery. ❋ Unknown (1884)

Among the Kanikars the puerpera receives as a tonic for the first day a kari (ragout) seasoned with turmeric pepper and tamarind. ❋ Unknown (1884)

Similar beliefs existed among many ancient people: in Athens the puerpera was considered unclean, and whoever touched her was forbidden to visit an altar; even the midwife who was present at the confinement was obliged to perform a religious cleansing of her hands at the feast of the Amphidromies, when the new-born child was carried about the family altar. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The same is true of the Vedas, also of Southern India; the first five days after confinement are spent by the puerpera in a hut within call of the Konan, together with mother and sister or assistants; on the sixth day, she is moved to a shelter nearer to the Konan, in which she remains isolated for another five days. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The Waswaheli and Nyassa give the puerpera food highly seasoned with Cayenne pepper and other spices. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The Kalmucks feed the puerpera mainly on broth during the first days, giving her but very little mutton, the quantity of meat being gradually increased. ❋ Unknown (1884)

It is a custom throughout Annam that the puerpera must take a medicine consisting of a decoction of laxatives and purgatives. ❋ Unknown (1884)

This idea of uncleanliness clings equally to the puerpera during the continuance of the lochial flow, and, remarkable enough, in a different degree to the lochia rubra and alba. ❋ Unknown (1884)

It is evident enough why the ancient Israelites considered the puerpera unclean during the first days after childbirth, but it seems difficult to explain why this uncleanliness should have lasted seven days after the birth of a male and fourteen after that of a female child. ❋ Unknown (1884)

In the second period, during the white flow, the puerpera was obliged to remain at home for thirty-three days for a boy and sixty-six days for a girl baby, but was no longer considered unclean. ❋ Unknown (1884)

In Japan, the puerpera is not placed in the usual recumbent position, but sits propped up by pillows, the mat upon which she was confined being left in place. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The Wakamba ordain a coitus about the third day, and after this the puerpera is considered clean. ❋ Unknown (1884)

This practice is kept up for a period of three or four days, when the puerpera is thought to be well; the prescribed walks varying with periods of rest upon her couch. ❋ Unknown (1884)

The knife with which the umbilical cord has been cut is not used for common purposes but is left beside the puerpera until the "Chilla" (fortieth day), when "Kajjal" ❋ Anonymous (1855)

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