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The word "pulsa" in example sentences

Discovered by NASA's Fermi Gamma - ray Space Telescope, the object, called a pulsa ... ❋ Unknown (2008)

Nunc potens nostri meritis opimis pectoris duros lapides repelle asperum planans iter, et reflexos dirige calles, ut pius mundi sator et redemptor mentibus pulsa luvione puris rite dignetur veniens sacratos ponere gressus. ❋ Bls (2008)

~Onii-chan,, nyediain pulsa tanpa harus langsung bayar XD ❋ Mayoineko (2008)

The ancient ritual known as “pulsa denura” is designed to bring “lashes of fire” against the hated Sharon. ❋ Unknown (2008)

This summer, a televised video of black-clad Jewish radicals issuing a pulsa denura (Aramaic for "lashes of fire") -- a kabbalistic "death curse" directed at Sharon -- transfixed Israeli audiences. ❋ Unknown (2007)

There is a Bet Din mulling a pulsa danura a Kabbalistic curse that is evidently something of a rite of passage for Israeli politicos, essentially calling for the death of the person against whom it is chanted, although per Wikipedia it is of course controversial as to what it really is, there are riots, there are death threats on the head of the JOH staff. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Star-tronik About indonesian telecomunication provider and voucher reload, pulsa murah. reply mike ❋ Mark Hendrickson (2005)

Rambles at starchamber.com » Blog Archive » Hac pulsa click here ❋ Unknown (2004)

Illí autem impetum sustinére nón potuérunt; itaque aciés hostium pulsa est atque in fugam conversa. ❋ John [Editor] Kirtland (N/A)

_EP_ II i 5-6 'tandem aliquid pulsa curarum nube serenum [' cloudless '] uidi'. ❋ 43 BC-18? Ovid (N/A)

Martia cui somnos classica pulsa fugent: me mea paupertas uita traducat inerti, 5 ❋ Tibullus (1912)

Forte, serenati qua stat plaga lactea caeli, alma Venus thalamo pulsa modo nocte iacebat amplexu duro Getici resoluta mariti. fulcra torosque deae tenerum premit agmen Amorum; signa petunt, quas ferre faces, quae pectora figi55 imperet; an terris saeuire an malit in undis, an miscere deos an adhuc uexare Tonantem. ipsi animus nondum nec cordi fixa uoluntas. fessa iacet stratis, ubi quondam conscia culpae ❋ Unknown (1912)

A man may lie in the profoundest trance and still be breathing, and the very pulsa - tions of the life of nature, in these calm hours, are to be read in these changing tints and shadows and ripples, and in the mirage-bewildered outlines of the islands in the bay. ❋ Unknown (1873)

Hanya dalam tiga hari, 12 sampai 14 Januari, lembaga donor itu telah mengumpulkan donasi sebesar US$ 2 juta (Rp 18,4 miliar) lewat potong pulsa. ❋ Burhan (2010)

Today all roads will lead to the Guyana Cricket Club (GCC) ground for what is expected to be a pulsa ❋ Stabroek Staff (2010)

Maka, saat Palang Merah Internasional membuka layanan berderma lewat ponsel dengan cara potong pulsa, bantuan datang seperti air bah. ❋ Burhan (2010)

Plazma teknolojisi her pikselin bir imaj üretebilmesi için sadece bir pulsa ihtiyaç duyduğu için tepki zamanı nerdeyse bir andır. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Si se pulsa la tecla por un tiempo prolongado, se acelera la bouton-poussoir est actionné pendant plus longtemps, la vitesse de la velocidad de desplazamiento de la aguja. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Aku pakai Xplore tanpa paket; dan tak lama sudah overkuota pulsa, padahal aksesnya tersendat. ❋ Unknown (2009)

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