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The pupil is a hole located in the center of the iris of the eye that allows light to strike the retina. It appears black because light rays entering the pupil are either absorbed by the tissues inside the eye directly, or absorbed after diffuse reflections within the eye that mostly miss exiting the narrow pupil. In humans the pupil is round, but other species, such as some cats, have vertical slit pupils, goats have horizontally oriented pupils, and some catfish have annular types. In optical terms, the anatomical pupil is the eye's aperture and the iris is the aperture stop. The image of the pupil as seen from outside the eye is the entrance pupil, which does not exactly correspond to the location and size of the physical pupil because it is magnified by the cornea. On the inner edge lies a prominent structure, the collarette, marking the junction of the embryonic pupillary membrane covering the embryonic pupil..

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Definitions of "pupil"

  • A student under the direct supervision of a teacher or professor. noun
  • Law A minor under the supervision of a guardian. noun
  • The apparently black circular opening in the center of the iris of the eye, through which light passes to the retina. noun
  • An orphan who is a minor and under the protection of the state. noun
  • A student under the supervision of a teacher or professor. noun
  • The hole in the middle of the iris of the eye, through which light passes to be focused on the retina. noun
  • The aperture in the iris; the sight, apple, or black of the eye. See the Note under eye, and iris. noun
  • A youth or scholar of either sex under the care of an instructor or tutor. noun
  • A person under a guardian; a ward. noun
  • A boy or a girl under the age of puberty, that is, under fourteen if a male, and under twelve if a female. noun
  • A youth or any person of either sex under the care of an instructor or tutor; in general, a scholar; a disciple. noun
  • A ward; a youth or person under the care of a guardian. noun
  • In civil law, a person under puberty (fourteen for males, twelve for females), over whom a guardian has been appointed. noun
  • Under age; in a state of pupilage or nonage; minor.
  • The orifice of the iris; the hole or opening in the iris through which light passes. noun
  • In zoology: The central dark part of an ocellated spot. See ocellus, 4. noun
  • A dark, apparently interior, spot seen in the compound eyes of certain insects, and changing in position as it is viewed from different sides. noun
  • a young person attending school (up through senior high school) noun
  • a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution noun

The word "pupil" in example sentences

The other pupil is also a Scotch Lad Brother to Sir — Ramsey; but I don't like him, and of course he will never come to much.. [Letter 320]

Often the curiosity of the child concerning a letter leads us to teach that desired consonant; a name pronounced may awaken in him a desire to know what consonants are necessary to compose it, and this will, or willingness, of the pupil is a much more efficacious means than any rule concerning the progression of the letters.. [The Montessori Method]

"Therefore, the Liberal Democrats have proposed the concept of what we call a pupil premium, an enhanced level of funding".. [Epolitix News]

Huerta argues that HCZ's blanket approach to its neighbourhood's social needs means that the financial cost per pupil is too high to be replicated nationwide.. [Can Geoffrey Canada rescue America's ailing schools? Barack Obama hopes so]

In fact, the sheer enjoyment of an apt pupil is what leads some academic to try to land jobs at those research 1 schools, where they can teach grad students. musa Says:. [Matthew Yglesias » Performance Bonuses]

Besides, Harmon's star pupil is Phil Mickelson (FSY), who is trying to replace Woods at No. 1.. [Haney spares himself (and Tiger) lots of innuendo]

As near as I can tell a statistical study of word usage or a psychology lab experiment in pupil dilation upon seeing four letter words would hit your concentric levels of criticism square in the bullseye.. [More on Critique]

Five church schools, in Blackburn, Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham and London, have become 99 per cent Muslim and in two – another school in Blackburn and one in Dewsbury – every pupil is Muslim.. [RNB Roundup: a compendium of religion news stories]

In the classroom, one pupil is "studying a stick", another is operating on a toy cow, while another is learning belly dancing.. [Film my school: despicable us]

The absolute tell-tale would be if you could see a solid white mouth, or if the eye pupil is round (not a cottonmouth) or elliptical (cottonmouth).. [Catfish Eats Water Moccasin]

Thus the Labour government can claim to have reduced exclusions and the only victims are the pupils at the school the disruptive pupil is moved to and they don't count for much in the eyes of this government.. [Archive 2008-06-01]

Omar Yussef, teacher at the local refugee camp has always insisted that the children in his charge see every side to the political situation and when a former pupil is wrongly framed for murder Omar feels a responsibility to investigate.. [The Bethlehem Murders]

The system uses cameras to detect slight alterations in pupil sizes, blink rate and even direction of gaze.. [Boing Boing]

No doubt the master would be shedding tears of joy to see how well his pupil is doing.. [Bill O'Reilly: Propaganda Pimp]

A 24mm exit pupil is not desirable or possible optically.. [Tom McIntyre's Glossary of Shooting Optics Terms]

The exit pupil is way off our calculation when we use the known objective diameter.. [Tom McIntyre's Glossary of Shooting Optics Terms]

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i. öğrenci, talebe; huk. vesayet altındaki kız veya oğlan çocuk.i. öğrenci, talebe; huk. vesayet altındaki kız veya oğlan çocuk.

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