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What does the word purest mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word purest in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with purest and anagrams of purest.

Definitions of "purest"

  • superlative form of pure: most pure. adjective
  • having the greatest purity adjective

The word "purest" in example sentences

Infinitely inferior to the moderns in the mechanical resources of the art, they had made, it appears, a far finer and closer analysis of its relation to emotional states; with the result that even in music, which we describe as the purest of the arts, congratulating ourselves on its absolute dissociation from all definite intellectual conceptions, -- even here the standard of the Greeks was as much ethical as aesthetic, and the style of music was distinguished and its value appraised, not only by the pleasure to be derived from it, but also by the effect it tended to produce on character.. [The Greek View of Life]

a fair vision in purest white; seeing her husband's visitors, she hesitated.. [Hagar's Daughter: A Story of Southern Caste Prejudice]

"who saw life steadily and saw it whole," and Marcus Aurelius, whom he called the purest of men.. [Matthew Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum and Other Poems]

And the affection in both cases is what some moderns too have called the purest of human feelings, the love of a sister for a brother.. [The Seven Plays in English Verse]

But she was not always an ancient beldam; some witches were known as the purest and fairest maidens of the village; some were ladies in high station; some were men.. [The Age of the Reformation]

Well, Hank's enthusiasm and devotion were hardly of what you would call the purest type.. [The Doctor : a Tale of the Rockies]

God is an incomplex, most perfect Being; that is, the purest holiness, the purest good and truth; and in order to be in union with God, in order to be one spirit with Him (for we are from Him), we must acquire, through His grace, the most perfect simplicity of goodness, holiness, and love.. [My Life in Christ, or Moments of Spiritual Serenity and Contemplation, of Reverent Feeling, of Earnest Self-Amendment, and of Peace in God]

Although belonging to a past generation, his story is presented here because I wish to offer to those who seek to follow him in his noble calling the purest and highest model our history affords.. [Great Fortunes and How They Were Made]

Thomas Jefferson called the purest form of a republic -- if impracticable beyond a township -- in. [OpEdNews]

Saying the same thing and expecting a different response, stupidity in it's "purest" form!. [Kyl: By announcing date, Obama has 'complicated' Afghan war]

His idea of mentoring Danny Gokey, for instance, involved putting his face literally inches from Gokey's, and insisting he was only space-invading to bring Gokey's performance to its "purest" and "truest" state, though the evidence showed it only convinced Gokey, and viewers, that Foxx was a head case.. [TV Column: Harry Connick Jr. steals 'Idol' show, says Lisa de Moraes]

Reyes is probably the "purest" leadoff man of the three -- not that it's clear what that means anymore -- given his prolific stolen-base totals and lack of 30-homer power.. [Changes atop the lineup]

Get over not having the 'purest' of progressives to vote for, in your opinion.. [Stop Whining]

The statistics point is interesting - even the "purest" science does not offer anything more than a probability of an outcome - Avogadro's constant is large so the probability of a repeated result is pretty much 1.. [Is psychology a science?]

If I was persuaded it was hopeless, that we couldn't win in '08, I might be inclined to have a Goldwater election - pick the "purest" candidate.. ["The de facto national primary."]

One understands that, as the 'purest' form of interpretative language, the one least contaminated by empirical instrumentality and reification, poetic language is a privileged place from which to start such a description.. [Discontinuous Shifts: History Reading History]

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@undesperate: being in someone's prayers is the purest form of real love

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