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Definitions of "purile"

  • Common misspelling of puerile. adjective

The word "purile" in example sentences

Forget one or two intellectuals who indulge in what can only be described as purile psuedo religious intellectual masturbation.. [On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...]

Why in an age of Will Ferrall and Adam Sandler both of whom I have a high comedic respect for and both of whom deal in the same kind of purile comedy Pee Wee does, but they do it soo much better.. [Pee-Wee Herman Returns with a Twitter Account…and a Jay Leno Interview | /Film]

Certainly I would believe that many, even most, Ethnic Studies departments have devolved into this kind of purile defensiveness, but I don't think that makes the whole concept untenable.. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

With that health warning, here's a prime example of the genre from Harry Reid's Nevada Senate campaign that is as nasty and purile as it gets.. [US midterm elections live blog - Thursday 7 October]

Any novel can become a GREAT movie or a CRAP one - the to and fro on this is purile.. [Shocker! Roland Emmerich Will Film Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy as 3D Mo-Cap Epic | /Film]

Ask yourself, Would Maggie have been diverted from her aims, visions or policies by a purile Labour Government?. [Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?]

'Would Maggie have been diverted from her aims, visions or policies by a purile Labour Government?'. [Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?]

There is a one-second shot in the movie that's invalid and does show how one of the goals of the film was purile shock.. [You Must See This Movie: Let The Right One In | /Film]

But doing so without seeing it, based on one aspect of it is just purile.. [Mike reviews KICK-ASS! | Obsessed With Film]

Yet another purile post from Dr (sic) Christopher Wood deleted.. [Hiatus]

Gwilym, not wanting to exert himself too much with standards, has obviously decided to emulate Martin Eaglestone's purile style of blogging, which does note bode well for his chances of being reelected in 2012, as Martin himself has yet to discover any sane reason why anybody should vote for him.. [Archive 2008-06-01]

I welcome any effort to increase awareness of the European dimension, but if EUTube (particularly its video playlist 'The EU Explained') is anything to go by, all we'll get is a steady stream of purile pro-European propaganda rather than anything that would make EU citizens more euro-savvy.. [Archive 2008-04-01]

They are perpetually pissed off that, when it comes to the Clintons, the voters have never cared much about the pointless and purile things they obsess over.. [Chris Matthews Obsesses Over Idea Of Bill Back In White House With "Nothing To Do"]

The Obama campaign needs to stay on message and treat this purile crap as purile crap.. [Obama Slams McCain For Saying He's "Proud" Of Britney Ad]

Godard wouldn't make something so purile... gregcharles. [VOTD: Dial Hard - Die Hard as a 1960’s Style French Film | /Film]

I challenge all women to at some point to do this, and I challenge all men to grow up, get use to it, and clap for them and cheer them on, rather than oogle or stare or make some purile come on comment.. [Support Topless Women]

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@dignityindying @rickygervais Another example of religious influence in law making. It used to be an offence to com…


@RasSmudge: This was NOT FOR THEM TO DECIDE TO TAKE THE DEFAULT of the table, it was up to them to implement Brexit not fuck it up. What…


Well said John , you’ll be one of the MPs to keep their job. The other purile scumbags that have voted to remove No…


This was NOT FOR THEM TO DECIDE TO TAKE THE DEFAULT of the table, it was up to them to implement Brexit not fuck it…


@murdo_fraser I can’t read it Murdo. I’m blocked, because I questioned a piece of purile political point scoring. T…

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