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The Puritans were English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to "purify" the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices, maintaining that the Church of England had not been fully reformed and needed to become more Protestant. Puritanism played a significant role in English history, especially during the Protectorate. Puritans were dissatisfied with the limited extent of the English Reformation and with the Church of England's toleration of certain practices associated with the Roman Catholic Church. They formed and identified with various religious groups advocating greater purity of worship and doctrine, as well as personal and corporate piety. Puritans adopted a Reformed theology and, in that sense, were Calvinists (as were many of their earlier opponents). They also took note of radical criticisms of Huldrych Zwingli in Zürich and John Calvin in Geneva. In church polity, some advocated separation from all other established Christian denominations in favour of autonomous gathered churches. These separatist and independent strands of Puritanism became prominent in the 1640s, when the supporters of a Presbyterian polity in the Westminster Assembly were unable to forge a new English national church. By the late 1630s, Puritans were in alliance with the growing commercial world, with the parliamentary opposition to the royal prerogative, and with the Scottish Presbyterians with whom they had much in common. Consequently, they became a major political force in England and came to power as a result of the First English Civil War (1642–1646). Almost all Puritan clergy left the Church of England after the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 and the 1662 Uniformity Act. Many continued to practice their faith in nonconformist denominations, especially in Congregationalist and Presbyterian churches. The nature of the movement in England changed radically, although it retained its character for a much longer period in New England. Puritanism was never a formally defined religious division within Protestantism, and the term Puritan itself was rarely used after the turn of the 18th century. Some Puritan ideals, including the formal rejection of Roman Catholicism, were incorporated into the doctrines of the Church of England; others were absorbed into the many Protestant denominations that emerged in the late 17th and early 18th centuries in America and Britain. The Congregational churches, widely considered to be a part of the Reformed tradition, are descended from the Puritans. Moreover, Puritan beliefs are enshrined in the Savoy Declaration, the confession of faith held by the Congregationalist churches..

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Definitions of "puritan"

  • : a puritanical person noun
  • : acting or behaving according to the Puritan morals (e.g. propagating modesty), especially with regard to pleasure, nudity and sex adjective

The word "puritan" in example sentences

According to this doctrine, which I call the puritan heresy, the duality resolves itself into a struggle between the spirit and the flesh.. [The Complex Vision]

Doubtless it will reach your father's house ere long, if it be not, as is more likely, already there, for it is the vile work of one they call a puritan, though where even the writer can vainly imagine the purity of such work to lie, let the pamphlet itself raise the question.. [St. George and St. Michael]

The practical vs. the puritan is a choice that cuts to the heart of all politics.. [Rhoades Alderson: To D.C., ♥ N.E.: Primary Choices for the Netroots]

I would scarce send to the Vicomte a reader who was in quest of what we may call puritan morality.. [Memories and Portraits]

Lord's day at his house, (which he slighted, not loving to be called a puritan) Mr. Welch came one day to his gate and calling him out to tell him, that he had a message from God to shew him, that because he had slighted the advice given him from the Lord, and would not restrain the profanation of the Lord's day committed in his bounds; therefore the. [Biographia Scoticana (Scots Worthies) A Brief Historical Account of the Lives, Characters, and Memorable Transactions of the Most Eminent Scots Worthies]

I suspect its some kind of puritan overcompensation for their long-term flirtation with those wicked, wicked Kennedy boys.. [SurveyUSA: Hillary And Romney Way Ahead In Massachusetts]

Yes, people love to throw around the word "puritan," but do they even know what it really means?. [What is Puritanism?]

They defined themselves as some kind of puritan, pure of any kind of wisodm.. [Four Years After May 1, 2003: Are We Winning Yet?]

A new biography of the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony says: "Winthrop, then 42, a country lawyer and lay leader of a 'puritan' congregation, was a political moderate among religious zealots, an advocate of 'unity rather than uniformity,' perhaps the one man who 'could keep the colony from fragmenting' when it was threatened by a polarizing dispute.". [Philocrites: July 2003 Archives]

Still, the word 'puritan' has been thrown up for consideration.. [Shakespeare]

When challenged for her reasons in saying 'puritan', Maria backs off and settles for declaring that Malvolio is a 'time-pleaser' and 'affectioned ass' who is far too well 'persuaded of himself.. [Shakespeare]

So much, in fact, that just a few days ago I’ve been called a puritan and a prude.. [The welfare state’s dirty little secret is out]

But a certain kind of puritan populism is so well entrenched in American electoral politics that it would be very hard for the Obama administration overtly to promote significant policy change, domestically or internationally.. [openDemocracy]

The Zadokite idea isn't that revolutionary; a lot of modern scholars of that era postulate some rupture, with a set of "puritan" priests separating themselves from temple worship.. [SocraticGadfly]

It is a current which, in its extreme form, so dislikes any divergence from a narrow literalist 'puritan' vision of Islam that it stands ready to kill other Muslims who are Sufi, Shi'i or in any way unorthodox: they are as much a danger to their own communities as to the West.. [open Democracy News Analysis - Comments]

The shadow business secretary talks about Margaret Thatcher, the new 'puritan' politicians and the idea of Tony Blair as the president of Europe. [Politics news, UK and world political comment and analysis | guardian.co.uk]

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TurkishPuritan English to Turkish Translate
i., s., b.h. İngiltere'de kraliçe Elizabeth zamanında meydana çıkan ve bilhassa ibadette sadelik taraftarı olan mezhebin bir ferdi, Püriten; s. ahlâk ve din hususunda çok sofu. puritan'ic(al) s. sofu. puritan'i - cally z. sofucasına. Puritanism i. sofuluk.i., s., b.h. İngiltere'de kraliçe Elizabeth zamanında meydana çıkan ve bilhassa ibadette sadelik taraftarı olan mezhebin bir ferdi, Püriten; s. ahlâk ve din hususunda çok sofu. puritan'ic(al) s. sofu. puritan'i - cally z. sofucasına. Puritanism i. sofuluk.

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