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Definitions of "purple"

  • Any of a group of colors with a hue between that of violet and red. noun
  • Cloth of a color between violet and red, formerly worn as a symbol of royalty or high office. noun
  • Imperial power; high rank: born to the purple. noun
  • Roman Catholic Church The rank or office of a cardinal. noun
  • Roman Catholic Church The rank or office of a bishop. noun
  • Of the color purple. adjective
  • Royal or imperial; regal. adjective
  • Elaborate and ornate: purple prose. adjective
  • To make or become purple. verb-transitive
  • A colour/color that is a dark blend of red and blue; dark magenta. noun
  • Imperial power, because the colour purple was worn by emperors and kings. noun
  • Any of various species of mollusks from which Tyrian purple dye was obtained, especially the common dog whelk. noun
  • The purple haze cultivar of cannabis in the kush family, either pure or mixed with others, or by extension any variety of smoked marijuana. noun
  • Having a colour/color that is a dark blend of red and blue. adjective
  • Not predominantly red or blue, but having a mixture of Democrat and Republican support, as in purple state, purple city. adjective
  • Mixed between social democrats and liberals. adjective
  • To turn purple in colour. verb
  • Exhibiting or possessing the color called purple, much esteemed for its richness and beauty; of a deep red, or red and blue color. adjective
  • Imperial; regal; -- so called from the color having been an emblem of imperial authority. adjective

The word "purple" in example sentences

[49]: The purple die is called in I Maccab.iv. 23, _purple of the sea, _ or _sea purple_; it being the blood or juice of a turbinated shell-fish, which the Jews call [Hebrew] _Chalson_; this they speak of as a shell-fish.. [Female Scripture Biographies, Volume II]

For when Alexander ordered the Greeks to furnish him with purple robes to wear at the sacrifices on his triumphal return from war against the barbarians, and his subjects contributed so much per head, Theocritus said, "Before I doubted, but now I am sure, that this is the _purple death_ Homer speaks of." [. [Plutarch's Morals]

The word purple is derived from the Greek porphura, an octopus which yielded purple pigments from which purple dyes were originally manufactured.. [Zolar’s Magick Of Color]

The colour purple is the colour of mourning in Rwanda and yesterday, 7th April, was the 15th Anniversary of the Genocide.. [Global Voices in English » Rwanda: Fifteen years after the genocide]

Another aural Field, what I call purple space, should be mentioned.. [Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums]

The "purple" is the badge of empire; even as in mockery it was put on our Lord. decked -- literally, "gilded." stones -- Greek, "stone." filthiness -- A, B, and Andreas read, "the filthy (impure) things.". [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

To her, a woman was a woman, whether garbed in purple or the rags of the gutter;. [Jack London Play:The Scorn of Women]

Although from moment to moment we were dazzled by the greater bolts, there persisted always a tremulous, pulsing lesser play of light, sometimes softly blue, at other times a thin purple that quivered on into a thousand shades of lavender.. [CHAPTER XXVIII]

The last Mariposa lily vanished from the burnt grasses as the California Indian summer dreamed itself out in purple mists on the windless air.. [CHAPTER XXXVI]

But what knocked me out was seeing the morpho cypris in purple: if you got one that colour in real life, it would have a hard time, since butterflies recognise their mates by the colour of their wings.. [Another view on Damien Hirst: The Souls]

The elegant notations in purple pencil of my invisible but kindly critic draw my attention to the fine distinctions between further and farther, for example, onwards/upwards and onward/upward, and, indeed, between between and among (or vice versa).. [Manuscript]

I can just see Obama now in purple robes, a crown, and a scepter sitting in a throne at the meeting.. [U.S. pledges $85 mln for clean energy in developing nations]

(PROBABLY in purple crayon, from the Chief Constable at the time).. [Our Friends From The North « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Republicans were seeking to take Democratic seats in purple or even blue states, such as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and California.. [Rand Paul and Marco Rubio win, as early returns signal Republican gains]

But wearing purple is just the first step, a beginning of a conversation, in a long process of creating an environment in our country where young people can come out and be themselves safely and without fear or shame.. [Waymon Hudson: Chicago Performers Come Together to Celebrate and Encourage the Lives of LGBT Youth]

Our stream shawl is plain purple with the Chicago Cubs C in gold.. [Uni Watch Design-A-Uniform Contest]

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