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Definitions of "pursuits"

  • Plural form of pursuit. noun

The word "pursuits" in example sentences

It can still be done by choice through engaging an underutilized resource – women – in pursuits other than bearing and raising children.. [Matthew Yglesias » Size Matters]

The fellow will also be supported in pursuits to publish the information.. [Pediatric Palliative Care Fellowship Curriculum]

They screamed ‘murder!’ when we had accidents in pursuits - so now we dont have them …. [IPCC To Investigate Barwell Deaths « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

If we all follow your lead the future of our beloved pursuits is safe.. [This is a very big hearted bunch of guys. A letter came today from Wesley that I will share at the first answer.]

Misusing taxpayer money for personal pursuits is another matter - and that also applies to the one who takes his wife on expensive dates - who pays for that?. [Sanford e-mail: I've 'crossed lines I never would have imagined']

The fact that boys are more likely to allowed and encouraged in such "dangerous" pursuits is likely one of the factors that creates the disparity in the number of boys and girls who chose to pursue science and engineering as a career.. [Archive 2008-08-01]

One of the fundamental principles of modern science, as well as other academic pursuits, is peer review.. [Nature Lets It All Hang Out Through Open Peer Review]

Your list of pursuits is fascinating -- and reveals what I've known about you for a long time: you're a wonderfully engaged and interesting person.. [Kee Yah!!]

Miranda may scoff at Sen. Hatch for holding onto the old-fashioned notion that gentlemen do not read one another's mail, but in fact his 'any means necessary' approach to partisan pursuits is unlikely to play any better with most Americans than it does with the Senator himself, and this is just one in a series of problems facing Congressional Republicans.. [Speaking of lists...]

While Kerry, a windsurfer, cyclist and skier, among other pursuits, is the most athletic man running for president in 2004, Democrat or Republican, sports happily served as a backdrop for other candidates even when there was no time to play the game.. [USATODAY.com - N.H. primary bowls football game over]

A person who has passed forty or fifty years of life in pursuits wholly unmilitary is suddenly metamorphosed into a full colonel or brigadier, occasionally into. [Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia]

Since this effects long term pursuits such as travel and higher education, you'll have to confront the issue sooner or later.. [SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter]

You have often declared to me, my dear friend, that your love of poetry, and of all the refinements of literary and romantic pursuits is so intimately "interwoven in your mind, that nothing could separate them, without destroying the whole fabric.". [Letters for Literary Ladies: To Which is Added, An Essay on the Noble Science of Self-Justification]

Note, The inordinacy of worldly cares and pursuits is often the occasion of disturbance in families and of strife and contention among relations.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)]

Not a taint of the littleness that sometimes grows therefrom, – not a trace of the narrowness of mind that over-attention to such pursuits is too apt to bring; – on every important occasion aunt Miriam would come out, free and unshackled, from all the cobweb entanglements of housewifery; she would have tossed housewifery to the winds if need were, (but it never was, for in a new sense she always contrived to make both ends meet.). [Queechy]

I truly don't have as much time as before for language pursuits, which is unbelievable because the radio industry is drying up and a lot of people are losing their jobs.. [The guy who didn't believe me]

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@SAghdashloo almost ten years ago, you gave me some sound advice on my pursuits in filmmaking. Today, I'm in pre-pr…


Socrates: In the perfect State wives and children, all education and the pursuits of war and peace are to be in common (Republic8)


@BishopJakes: Our earthly pursuits are attempts to satisfy the thirst we have for God. Our charge is to remove anything filling us other…


@BishopJakes: Our earthly pursuits are attempts to satisfy the thirst we have for God. Our charge is to remove anything filling us other…

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