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A really sweet and caring person who puts others especially his friends before anyone. He can go to any extent to saveguard his friends and always stand by there side. He is mixture of cuteness and hotness with a lot of empathy. He is one of the most amazing person and a lucky find. Urban Dictionary

A person who overshares and says "Puru~" in chat rooms Urban Dictionary

Browsing an area or looking through something. Pronounced per-oos-ing. Urban Dictionary

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The word "purus" in example sentences

As soon as it was dead, the internal organs were examined to make sure that there was no physical defect or abnormal growth, for it was, of course, quite as necessary that the animal should be "purus" within as without; this was the only object of the examination, until the Etruscan art of _extipicina_ made its way to Rome. ❋ W. Warde Fowler (1884)

Aenean adipiscing purus quis dui luctus id cursus ante bibendum. ❋ Maryrobinette (2009)

In the Aristotelian terms adopted by Aquinas, the natural order's nature does not entail its existence; its potentia depends on God who is actus purus for it to be realized. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Sed porta, libero vel dignissim semper, quam est imperdiet justo, vel venenatis pede lorem ut purus. ❋ Ann Althouse (2008)

Note 157: PrSalQ, B 252, pp. 122 — 23: "In ipsa celebri venerea actione, in spermate bonus sanguis emittitur et purus qui deberet in lac converti unde puer debet nutriri." ❋ Unknown (2005)

Etiam tortor purus, imperdiet eget blandit non, varius viverra turpis. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Given further Aquinas' doctrine that God is actus purus, and thus has no unrealized potentialities, it follows that there is no "real" distinction between the divine essence and the divine actions or "energies." ❋ Mike L (2007)

Given further Aquinas' doctrine that God is actus purus, and thus has no unrealized potentialities, it follows that there is no real distinction between the divine essence and the divine actions or "energies." ❋ Mike L (2006)

The word puree, meaning thoroughly crushed fruits, vegetables, or animal tissue, comes ultimately from the Latin purus, meaning “pure.” ❋ Harold McGee (2004)

Actus purus who is called jealous, wrathful and revengeful, with an “Eternal that makes for righteousness.” ❋ Unknown (2003)

He translated Horace's ode (Book I.22) beginning “Integer vitae scelerisque purus” (“The pure in life and free from sin”), which, despite its lofty opening line, is a whimsical love lyric to a sweet chattering girlfriend, Lalage. ❋ Richard Brookhiser (2002)

_Multo est tersior, ac purus magis Horatius, et ad notandos hominum mores præcipuus. ❋ Caius Cornelius Tacitus (N/A)

But just before the catastrophe one man, integer vitae scelerisque purus, sees the truth. ❋ Unknown (1924)

A further analysis of the objective concept is necessarily required in order to show that the latter concept includes that of underivedness (aseitas) and that this in turn includes completeness, absence of any potentiality for further perfection (actus purus), hence infinitude. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

That all created beings are composed of actus and potentia, that God alone is actus purus, simple as He is infinite -- this is the root of all Scholastic natural theology. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

They argue, quite in terms of Latin Aristotelean philosophy, that God is simple; except for the Trinity there can be no distinctions in an actus purus. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Actus purus, with a meaning exclusively philosophic, the prime mover of the universal mechanism. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

[Hey]!! Did u [meet] [PURU]?? 😍 ❋ Perfection In Imperfection (2018)

Rando1: hello everyone!! [Puru]: Purururu~ Rando2: Hello [puru] [how's it] do? Rabdo3: :[peek]: Puru: You guys ever tried smegma? i did and it felt good ❋ Yacatect (2019)

What are you doing in this [isle] at the market?" "Oh nothing, just [purusing] through [the snacks]. ❋ Spousal Abuse (2011)

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