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  • Acquaintance. noun

The word "quaintance" in example sentences

He believes her in a consumption; and has brought a physician of his intimate ac-quaintance to visit her: but she, and we all are con vinced, that medicine will not reach her case: and she affected to be startled at his supposing she was in so bad a way, on purpose, as she owned, to avoid his kind importunity to take advice in a malady that nothing but time and patience can cure.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

And I beg of you, Sir, to allow me to claim your further ac-quaintance.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

I have one encouragement, since my happy ac-quaintance with Miss Byron, to think that the age is not entirely lost to a sense of virtue and goodness.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

They were very officious to scrape ac — quaintance with them.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

Fleta had cured that illness, which was the real basis of the unusual friendship; harpies generally had no interest in human or in unicorn ac - quaintance.. [Robot Adept]

"I's pleased to make your -quaintance, suh, " Israel said.. [The Guns Of The South]

Beg pawdon, dear boy, f'not 'bsherving you b'fore. Mos' happy to renew zhe 'quaintance so auspishously begun' saffer-noon.. [Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York A Series of Stories and Sketches Portraying Many Singular Phases of Metropolitan Life]

She made one of her humble courtesies, and said: "I'm pleased to see you, sir; it's de first time I've hed de pleasure makin 'yo' 'quaintance since you was' dopted into my fam'bly.". [Harriet, the Moses of Her People]

Don 'look roun' at me, 'cause _I_ ain 'got no' quaintance wif you.. [Short Stories of Various Types]

'Dar's a' ooman heah; a wite 'ooman, dat am' ticler anxyus fur de honor of Mister Mulock's 'quaintance.. [The Continental Monthly, Vol 2, No 6, December 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy]

"I guess, Massa Gladding 'tend to business in his own way," said the now good-humored General, "but you, Squire, is an old 'quaintance, and you disappointment so great, I didn't like to mention de leg.". [The Lost Hunter A Tale of Early Times]

Thomas, where they spent the night with Lieutenant Powell, an ac - quaintance of Reed's.. [Manuscript Draft: Walter Reed: Doctor in Uniform, by Laura Wood, [19 -- ]]

She, what-you-say, smash up 'quaintance with Medaine.. [The White Desert]

As to that you shall judge; perhaps we have not all ac - quaintance with the same natural laws.. [Can Such Things Be]

Don 'look roun'at me, 'cause _I_ ain't got no' quaintance wif you.. [Penrod and Sam]

So I scraped 'quaintance wid her, and axed her ef she would hab me ef our marsters would let us.. [Iola Leroy, Or Shadows Uplifted.]

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