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Definitions and meanings of "Quays"

What do we mean by quays?

A stone or concrete structure on navigable water used for loading and unloading vessels; a wharf.

Being solid, on top of the world, unstoppable! Urban Dictionary

London slang for far away: Quay is a shortened version of 'Quite away away" Urban Dictionary

French word for a platform in a station or a quay. It's not a slang word. Urban Dictionary

°A girl °goofy °love food °love singing °hate smiling °hurt inside Urban Dictionary

N.// The act of one or multiple men (or tranny if ya wanna technical) ejaculating on a single female. Urban Dictionary

Shortening of the word "Quality" British in origin. Meaning cool, good, awesome etc. Urban Dictionary

The contraction of the words "queer" and "gay" Urban Dictionary

Quarter ounce of cocaine. Urban Dictionary

Quay is a shortened version of a longer name. This person is short , very beautful on the inside and out. Very lovable ! Attracts many gays but isnt at all gay. Get to know this person before its too late. Urban Dictionary

When a shranpel is shoved deep inside your asshole. Is normally completed before suicide. Urban Dictionary

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The word "quays" in example sentences

The line of the quays is scarcely discernible, and the heights of the Trocadéro are lost in the blur of night, which presently effaces even the firm tower-tops of Notre-Dame. ❋ Unknown (1915)

She walked along the quays from the Institute to the Corps Législatif; but she forgot to cross the bridge and continued to wander by the river, absorbed in a bewildered reverie, in meditation without ideas, and walking aimlessly on and on. ❋ Unknown (1900)

And eastward from the quays were the little jagged islands the Phenicians knew, If, and Rion, Jaros, strange un-French names ... the sunshine yellow as a lamp, and the sea blue as flax, and the green woods, and the ancient grayish white city -- all a picture some unimaginative painter would have loved. ❋ Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne (1908)

At the quays were a vast number of vessels, some of considerable size. ❋ William Henry Giles Kingston (1847)

Hence, someone who clearly spoke Patois, and could not spell 'quays' put their own spin on the words across (cross) and quays (keys) and named the place Cross Keys. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Taking full advantage of its varied waterfronts, Hammerby Sjostad is marked by parks, quays, walkways and marshes providing a diverse assortment of architectural opportunities taking advantage of waterfront views and facilities. ❋ Roberta Brandes Gratz (2011)

The public will be kept back from the royal entourage as it passes along Dublin's quays, north of the river Liffey and the city's main thoroughfare, O'Connell Street. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Then she was off, bursting up the ramp towards the bright blue sky and out on to the quays. ❋ Gerard O’Donovan (2011)

Primroses deck the sides of lanes towards riverside quays and grow thickly on steep slopes untouched by agricultural chemicals and fertiliser. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Haha - I think I knew most of those, including quays, and I'm obviously with you on the correct pronunciation of buoy. ❋ Cath@VWXYNot? (2009)

Our skipper steers carefully along a winding course, passing the isolated church of St Winnow, boathouses, old quays, late-cut hay and a wind turbine. ❋ Virginia Spiers (2010)

I have a good restaurant recommendation as well, not flashy, not touristy -- Bistro des Augustins, on the quays near Place St Michel. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This railway carried copper ore to quays at Morwellham four and a half miles away for shipping downriver to Plymouth and then by sea to Swansea for smelting. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Other fixes from the past 100 years — like rebuilt bridges and quays in central Paris — might buy 30 centimeters 'more relief in the city center. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In Paris, there are seemingly endless rues and quays and museums and cafes to explore, which means visitors often hurry past one of the city's greatest attractions: its cinemas. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There is no denying that the French Quarter really is the French Quarter or that Fisherman's Wharf is built on the quays. ❋ Unknown (2010)

“Hey I’m [going on a date] tonight” “Always [remember] to stay [quay]” ❋ Quayfulbunny (2022)

"[Emily's] [drum] is [quay]" ❋ DickensyGood (2009)

il faut attendre que le train [soit] arrêté pour [descendre] sur le [quai]. (you must wait till the train stops to get off on the platform) ❋ Truefrenchgirl (2005)

The name [Quay] is for girls and boys or [nicknames] or [a normal] name ❋ Ckripin Bkaby (2017)

Guy 1- Yo you bag yesterday? Guy 2- [Yeah son], I [quayed] all over he face. Guy 3- Damn nigga you do that shit? Syn// [Bukkake] ❋ Obama Putin (2014)

"These dauphinoise [potatoes] are pretty fucking Quay!" Person one: "The bongs ready" Person [two's] [responce]: "Quay!" ❋ IroningMan (2010)

"[Man], [Reuben] is [quay]" ❋ Josef (2005)

[I was gonna] get [a ball] for the party, but there was more heads then expected so I got a [quay]. ❋ DankSmoke408 (2017)

Omg , Quay is [so funny] and [lovable] . I Wish she was [mine]. I wish i would have knew her before she were famous. ❋ Beautifulnames (2013)

Kid 1: Hey did you see that Sam kid's [mutilated] [carcass]. Kid 2: Yeah I think he [Quayed] himself. ❋ John Weinershnitzel (2010)

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