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Definitions and meanings of "Quickstepping"

What do we mean by quickstepping?

To dance the quickstep.

To move with a hurried step.

Having the needs to urgently visit the toilet, the runs, the trots. Urban Dictionary

The runs. Urban Dictionary

Fermanagh Quickstep is where two people have sexual intercourse together. Urban Dictionary

Delightful euphamism for diarrhoea Urban Dictionary

Squirty shits that often result in eating an Apple before its ripe. Usually come on quickly and without warning. Causing the victim to make a run for the nearest crapper. Urban Dictionary

Diarrhea. Specifically, the gut wrenching stomach twisting kind of diarrhea that results from an over-indulgence of green apples or food poisoning. It's characterized by arapid and often unexpected onset. Urban Dictionary

Diarrhea where each step results in an additional shart. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Quickstepping

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The word "quickstepping" in example sentences

Mr. Ford's record, which is to the right of those of most elected New York Republicans, is a burden that no amount of quickstepping towards the center or Bloomberg money can expunge. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Here are Kelly and Louis this week, not in training, as we showed you with Donny, but actually dancing -- quickstepping. ❋ Unknown (2009)

LOPEZ: America's quickstepping sweetheart, Marie Osmond. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Jody was quickstepping along the alleyway that came out in front of their old loft. ❋ Moore, Christopher, 1957- (2007)

How they marched to the sound of the quickstepping music! ❋ 1841-1930 Pansy (1885)

James DeGale is seeing the producers of Strictly Come Dancing today with a view to him waltzing and quickstepping into the hearts of the nation, or that part of it that watches BBC1 on a Saturday night. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Warren is also concerned about quickstepping, but as he and Kym perform to "Ding Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line," we are again impressed at how light on his feet he is. ❋ Sheila Franklin (2008)

Anyway, she and Brian are quickstepping to I Get A Kick Out Of You. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Joseph] ate something [spicey] last night, that has [clearly] given him the bombay quickstep ❋ Stormtrooper X (2017)

"He's [got a case of the] Kansas quickstep" R. A. [Heinlein], Time [Enough] for Love ❋ Zy The Fly (2009)

[Ahhh] I'd be [a fan] of the Fermanagh Quickstep myself. ❋ Cianm (2021)

'Your wife is taking rather a long [time in] the [powder room].' 'Yes [I'm afraid] she's dancing the sour apple quickstep tonight' ❋ Toni J (2008)

Look at that [stinky Pedro] run, boy must have [a case] of [the Green] Apple Quickstep. ❋ Its426 (2003)

That [meal] gave me a bad case of [the backdoor] [green apple] quicksteps. ❋ (]ieHar[) (2009)

Wife: What the hell happened to your boxers and pants? Husband: Your mother's cooking gave me [the Johnny] [Rotten Apple] Quicksteps. Those last few steps on the way to the bathroom were brutal. Good thing I was [wearing socks]. ❋ HymieG (2010)

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What does quickstepping mean?

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