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Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewelry, mobiles etc. Quilling starts with rolling a strip of paper into a coil and then pinching the coil into shapes that can be glued together. There are advanced techniques and different sized paper that are used to create 3D miniatures, abstract art, and quilled flowers among many things..

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Definitions of "quilling"

  • the art of creating decorative designs from thin strips of curled paper noun
  • a band of fluted muslin resembling a row of quills noun
  • A band of linen, muslin, or the like, fluted, folded, or plaited so as somewhat to resemble a row of quills. noun
  • One of the rounded plaits or flutings of such a band. noun
  • A narrow bordering of net, lace, or ribbon plaited so as to resemble a row of quills. noun

The word "quilling" in example sentences

And then I was transferred into what they called the quilling room where you run the pieces of yarn off of one bobbin on another until you got it full.. [Oral History Interview with James Pharis, July 24, 1977. Interview H-0038. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

Grass thin, bristle grass quilling, rifing in the light's bone yellows,. [King of the Ghosts]

I honestly had a little spasm looking at the quilling cake.. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

These are so cool - and I've never heard of quilling before, but it looks awesome!. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

One of the best quilling artists I've ever seen is Yulia Brodskaya - just look how gorgeous:. [Archive 2010-04-01]

I know the perfect cake for quilling, do a cake of a broken open "party popper" the relatively-benign firework with the little rolls of paper inside.. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

I think I just got some good ideas for decorating my next cake... too bad my next one is for my 15 year old son... you think he'd prefer quilling or cross-stitch because I am NOT doing that crochet thing - beautiful though it may be!. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

So, can we see the results of your single foray into quilling?. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

Being a cross-stitcher and crafty-kinda-gal who also loves to "do" quilling AND an admirer of cake decorating, today's blog entry has my eyes totally satisfied and wanting a cigarette!. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

So now that you know what it is, can you spot the quilling on this cake?. [Archive 2010-04-01]

I hadn't heard of quilling before but now I'm in love with it!. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

The icing crotchet is breathtaking, quilling is now my favorite, the fabric wedding cake rules the northern hemisphere of cake-dom and I just drank a 64 ounce jug of water so forgive my typos, but Im in a hurry.. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

And I have never heard of quilling before but I did see it as headers in a recent issue of O magazine and thought it was cool.. [Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty]

The curly-paper parts are a craft called "quilling." bspence11. [Yulia Brodskaya « Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog]

Off went Geraldine and arranged with her own milliner to give her lessons in quilling and trimming.. [The Common Reader, Second Series]

The blood, the curled hand, the arrow quilling the corpse.. [The Falcons of Montabard]

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How to Make 40 Basic Quilling Shapes - Tutorial Part 1 for Beginners
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How to make flowers using a quilling husking board
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  • PronunciationsK W IH1 L IH0 NG
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation quill ing


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