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Definitions of "rabbits"

  • Plural form of rabbit. noun

The word "rabbits" in example sentences

As generations go by, there may gradually come a point, not clearly defined, when the norm of what we call rabbits will have departed so far as to deserve a different name.. [THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH]

Remove rabbits from the fridge and fill the pan with just enough water to almost cover the rabbits.. [Wet Barbecue Cottontail]

Yes | No | Report from cooner wrote 1 week 3 days ago the best way to hunt rabbits is with a beagle. [I just went hunting specifically for snowshoe hares for the first time yesterday.]

He saw the watch below of stokers and trimmers bobbing out of the forecastle doors like rabbits from a warren and making their way aft over the rusty deck to the mustering of the port doctor.. [THE SEA FARMER]

All Answers from GiantWhitetails wrote 29 weeks 1 day ago ive noticed an increase in rabbits, but the coyotes are still there. it has rained alot this year so maybe that helped the rabbits.. [I'm looking for a new reel (Disk drag preferred) for a Spey rod, Its an 8 wt rod, any help?]

SPCA animal protection officer who wants the university to immediately tell students that killing or hurting the rabbits is illegal and inhumane.. [Rabbit or Ramen Noodles?]

Stalking rabbits is good fun though, and a chase through the brush is all I need to get the blood pumping.. [High Powered Scopes]

His tale from Beatrix Potter has not brought forth the expected responses, as the vast majority of the children, all from farming families, are firmly on the side of Mr McGregor and only interested in discussing the best way to eradicate all rabbits from the face of the earth.. [More Bookish Comedy « Tales from the Reading Room]

This Labour dominated committee rightly describes McStalin as having acted for the "perceived benefit of seeming to pull rabbits from the hat".. [The Magician Has His Trickery Exposed]

Eva: Liking rabbits is definitely not a requirement for enjoying this book.. [Watership Down by Richard Adams]

I class them as vermin myself and my medical approach to rabbits is a bit countryfied ( 'e sleep wi'da feeshes, capiche?).. [Waiting For Guido ...]

Rather he gained permission to make use of Alba, who had already been created with other similarly modified rabbits from a French lab.. [Genes and Art]

The fact that he sells chicken and beef and eggs and rabbits is incidental — his primary job is raising grass, delivered to you via a cow or a chicken.. [Waldo Jaquith - “Organic”: It’s not what you think.]

Bacteria evolving into rabbits is absolutely about the process of evolution, not just the history of life, and NDE would be unable to account for rapid (and unique) evolution on that scale.. [The Memory Hole]

New historicists have been noticed for their eschewal of grand theory and their alternative reliance upon anecdote and happenstance; for their immersion in the empirical plenitude of antiquarian history, from which items are plucked like rabbits from a hat, which turn out to illuminate a more traditionally "major" text or topic; and for their general effacement of hermeneutic problems about doing history in favor of the sheer vividness of the data of history.. [Is Literary History the History of Everything? The Case for 'Antiquarian' History]

Although we began our first experiments in rabbits using ThioTEPA as a substitute for total body X-ray treatment in 1958 (33), the real breakthrough came with the introduction of immunosuppressive drugs by Schwartz and Dameshek in 1959 (34).. [Joseph E. Murray - Nobel Lecture]

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@vangoghartist: Field with Two Rabbits, 1889 #vangogh #dutchart


Those rabbits look like raccoons. Adorbs


@magastorybook @smalltownandrew Has Mueller finished pulling Rabbits out of the Hat, think how Congress set in thei…


@SurreyPolice @CrimestoppersUK Do people hunting rabbits with terriers on local commons commit an offence?



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