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Definitions of "races"

  • Plural form of race. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of race. verb

The word "races" in example sentences

You wrote that the average genetic variation within races is higher than the average genetic variation between them.. [Is That Legal?: Fundraising Through Falsehood at VDare.com]

Multimedia: An interactive with highlights of the midterm races is in the wdc/politics_timeline folder.. [After Bailout, Business Groups Now Turning On Former Allies]

Ignoring the differences in the races is actually kind of dangerous.. [Think Progress » New basketball league open to whites only, to get away from the ‘street-ball’ played by ‘people of color.’]

Alien cultures are also explored when the CDF battles the Consu who believe that the death of other races is their path to salvation.. [REVIEW: Old Man's War by John Scalzi]

Breaking down the sexual barriers between the races is a major weapon of cultural destruction because it means the dissolution of the cultural boundaries that define breeding and the family and, ultimately, the transmission and survival of the culture itself.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Syndicated Racism of Sam Francis:]

Our assertion of the inferiority of the races is all a lie, falsified by all history, condemned by all the inspired testimony of. [The Martyr to Liberty]

Johnson has lived through six previous title races and has been loose and fun this week, enjoying his down time in South Beach with his wife and new daughter.. [The Seattle Times]

With no signs of them letting up in any of their title races this season, Manchester United will go into yet another match as favourites for victory.. [Soccer Blogs - latest posts]

The sentimental favorite, Martin finished second in four previous title races, stayed neck-and-neck with Johnson through the first four rounds.. [Brownsville Herald :]

Once again, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch is tracking these issues in races across the country.. [Lori Wallach: Polls, Research Show Dems Can Win Talking Trade (GOP too)]

Even in races which were stone cold Republican strongholds, the GOP took a beating in '08.. [Brian Ross: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert To Turn the Tide on the Tea Party Tehranization of America]

This time, however, the surprise might be on them, judging from the surging candidacies of two GOP hopefuls engaged in races against two of the House's most entrenched incumbents, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the House Majority Leader.. [Ken Blackwell: Surprise? Tell it to the Marines]

But Mr. Gonzalez said the main reason taxes haven't been a bigger issue in most races is that candidates are more focused on unemployment.. [Tax Cuts Slide To Back Burner On Campaign Trail]

So it was not surprising that following the Democratic sweep of the 2006 elections, which was regarded as a referendum on the Iraq War, the conventional wisdom suggested that the outcome of the midterm races amounted to revoking President George W. Bush's license to kill.. [Leon T. Hadar: Obama Should Adopt the "Public Option" in Afghanistan]

In 2010, for most midterm races, George W. Bush will be a distant memory.. [Senate Guru: Rob Portman = George W. Bush]

All right, ahead on the program, what yesterday's elections mean for President Obama in the midterm races in 2010.. [CNN Transcript Nov 4, 2009]

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@BJH251 Stop hiring on race. Isn't this a type a racism.? All races are the same stick t…


@freredorivel: Mohamed Ali parle a propos du métissage. Il n’a pas faux dans ce qu’il a dit. Beaucoup des noirs se donnent au métissage…


@FHQ Another factor in the slow California count: In 2020, it will be much harder to decipher the results than with…

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The best drag races of modern muscle cars-ZL1 vs Hellcat vs Shelby vs Boss 302 vs Mustang GT
The best drag races of modern muscle cars-ZL1 vs Hellcat vs Shelby vs Boss 302 vs Mustang GT
Ryan Races His Parents with the Help of MiBro his Robot Friend!
Ryan Races His Parents with the Help of MiBro his Robot Friend!

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  • Character5
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