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Definitions of "racks"

  • Plural form of rack. noun

The word "racks" in example sentences

DELANEY (voice over): Diggers say this collection of what they call racks, is a typical day's haul right now, a fourth less than before the new restrictions.. [CNN Transcript Feb 10, 2002]

(voice-over): Diggers say this collection of what they call racks is a typical day's haul right now, a fourth less than before the new restrictions.. [CNN Transcript Feb 7, 2002]

The Capital Bikeshare program locks bikes in racks at 49 stations until a cyclist swipes a membership card to release the two-wheeler and pay for a ride.. [As two-wheeled commutes grow in popularity, buyers look for bike-accessible homes]

“Essentially, everything in the original racks is still there,” said Thornton, running through some of the changes and updates.. [Star Trek Fan Film To Boldly Go Where No Man Can Go Anymore? | Fan Cinema Today]

When did such episodes become so much an accepted part of our culture that these forms of tabloid journalism are sold in racks in the places where we buy food for our families?. [Fannie Flagg talks about the location and characters in Welcome To The World, Baby Girl which is set partly in Elmwood Springs, Missouri. Elmwood Springs also provides the setting for her most recent book 'Standing In The Rainbow']

All this said, the number one thing that anyone can do to improve this size of their racks, is to to not shoot the young deer.. [Do Feeders Grow Big Racks?]

What I enjoy the most about these tall tales and big racks is the history of hunting in general, and how things have changed since then .... [Record Bucks of History]

I was looking for bargain racks and never found one.. [What would you say to your younger self? « Dating Jesus]

We have temporarily closed the archives because access to the racks is more limited until the floor is repaired, not because of any collections loss.. [Dallas Blog, Daily News, Dallas Politics, Opinion, and Commentary FrontBurner Blog D Magazine » Blog Archive » RE: HISTORICAL SOCIETY UNDERWATER?]

It had used CDs in racks out on the sidewalk and posters in the windows behind them advertising bands people have never heard of.. [Excerpt: Persuader by Lee Child]

An unscientific survey Friday afternoon of the six racks from the east end of the Downtown Mall to the University of Virginia turned up one bike, in front of the Starbucks on the Corner.. [Yellow Bike Program Launches at cvillenews.com]

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays removed St. Petersburg Times newspaper racks from the stadium because a story spoofed the team while pitching a movie about hurler Jim Morris, a. [Great writing beats out taxes any day]

I send you a pair of card-racks from the Falls of Niagara, - more curious than beautiful; but you will give them a place in your drawing-room anyhow for the sake of one who will ever think of you with affectionate gratitude.. [New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle]

At the start of business each morning, private bankers like Birkenfeld, then a director in the wealth management division of UBS, would check in at combination vaults to pull their "racks" - wooden trays of 4x5 paper index cards that are the Achilles heel of. [t r u t h o u t]

When they are thus scour'd they drye them in racks strained out wch are as thick set one by another as will permitt ye dresses to pass between, and huge Large fields occupy'd this way almost all round the town wch is to the river side; then when drye they pick out all knots then fold them wth a paper between Every fold and so sett them on an jron plaite and screw down ye press on them wch has another jron plaite on the top under wch is a furnace of fire of Coales, this is the hott press; then they fold them Exceeding Exact and then press them in a Cold press, some they dye but the most are sent up for London white.. [Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary]

I suspect that the reason that you don’t see the bikes in the bike racks is not because they’ve been stolen, but because people are using them.. [Yellow Bikes Hard to Track at cvillenews.com]

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Bicycle Parking Racks Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance During 2018 to 2028 -


Fostoria Blue Cobalt - George Washington Goblet - made by Avon #darts #racks


#AOC should take lessons from Canada's #PMTrudeau. He doesn't care a bit how much debt he racks up and voters still…

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[FREE] "Racks" Lil Baby & Gunna Type Beat 2018 | (Pro. By JTK)
''Racks'' - Bryson Tiller x Drake [Type Beat] | Eibyondatrack x Roc Legion
''Racks'' - Bryson Tiller x Drake [Type Beat] | Eibyondatrack x Roc Legion
Dirty Audio - Racks [Monstercat Release]
Dirty Audio - Racks [Monstercat Release]

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  • Character5
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