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What do we mean by radicalness?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word radicalness. Define radicalness, radicalness synonyms, radicalness pronunciation, radicalness translation, English dictionary definition of radicalness.

When something is really cool but you really want to go over board so you say radical Urban Dictionary

Awesome Urban Dictionary

Adj.- a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive. n.- an extremist of a belief or a rebel Urban Dictionary

A radical is a person subscribing to a political ideology supporting massive, unmeasured, and rapid change. Radicalism is contrasted with conservatism that advocate minimum change, reactionary action advocating counter-change, as well as progressivism advocating moderate/measured change. Urban Dictionary

Radical (rahd eek al) is a word used proficiently and often by Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the only one on earth that truly knows its awesomeness, although such scholars as William Preston-Esquire and Theordore Theordore Logan have come close to unveiling the true natures of such speak. The best reason for dividing radical is to make more mini-radicals influence from the beinning radical, in hopes of creating a little radical for everyone. And pizza. Urban Dictionary

Can use this word for whatever u want Big up The JimmyBoys Urban Dictionary

Another word for cool, awsome, wicked, mad. but of course, Radical is Radicaller than those words Urban Dictionary

Radness. used to describe something that is totally rad. Urban Dictionary

Means something good. Urban Dictionary

A word used by people over the age of 30 in an attempt to sound cool, usually resulting in the opposite. Urban Dictionary

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The word "radicalness" in example sentences

Not only is her life in danger, but her co-called radicalness then threatens the life of her family and the very existence of the show. ❋ Unknown (2009)

and the urge to watch The Wedding Singer to relive all the 'radicalness' of the 80's ❋ BikeSnobNYC (2009)

In fact, if Roosvelt were to have proposed that the Federal Gov't of the Reagan era (say 1985) be ported into 1930 the radicalness of such a change would have made him look like Lenin. ❋ Unknown (2009)

There is an interesting article in the Guardian, which highlights the lack of radicalness in the Tories and Labour proposals of banking reform. ❋ Unknown (2009)

By sitting in that congregation, he supported the radicalness of that message – is that system of belief what we want our President to have? ❋ Unknown (2008)

But once he's in now, there's a lot of radicalness to what he's trying to achieve, and that doesn't fly with middle America. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the entire biblical epic of Israel, only Abraham approaches this radicalness, but then he had a call from God (Gen, 12: 1 – 3) and also a wife. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Clinton may not win either, but if Obama can't beat Clinton in the Democratic primaries with all their leaning towards left-wing radicalness (at least compared with the country as a whole), then he has no hope in the general election, no matter how many idiotic Zogby polls one cites. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They talked vaginas, more vaginas, the radicalness of mommyblogging from a dad's perspective, the reasons why the road more medicated is sometimes the road best travelled, corpses in bathrooms, team building and swallowing cameras, how to be almost sort-of always sometimes Canadian, and - because it wouldn't be a well-rounded week of guest posts if it didn't come full circle back to genitalia - balls and porn. ❋ Unknown (2008)

While Heidegger's project of the history of being is worthwhile, his insights into the modes of nature's coming forth valuable, the radicalness of his vocabulary at times entails philosophical loss; in our case the marginalizing of the sensuous-perceptual character of art, now re-framed as poeticizing earth, contributing to the leveling of distinctions in media music is heard, a painting is seen, where these respective perceptual fields are incommensurable. ❋ Enowning (2007)

I have to assume that they intend for the innocuous statement to hide the radicalness of the second statement, but it is radical. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I've been slowly making my way down the list, and finding some damn impressive insights, like this one from Kathy Acker:I think that sometimes the word 'experimental' has been used to hide the political radicalness of some writers. ❋ Jlundberg (2005)

This lead him in almost all his popular works to overstate the claims of his opponents, and to overstate the implications and the radicalness of his own views. ❋ Unknown (2005)

But the other thing is, they perceive a radicalness about McCain's campaign. ❋ Unknown (2000)

Its most obvious qualities are the youthfulness and the political and social radicalness of its membership. ❋ MARY DALY (1968)

The boldness of the man and the radicalness of his philosophy dazzled and fascinated the inexperienced youth. ❋ Charles Frederic Goss (N/A)

So that freedom and radicalness in the character of Abraham Lincoln were not separate qualities, but the necessary results of his simplicity and childlikeness and truth. ❋ Various (1921)

I had, a year before in Paris, outlined those plans to some of the brightest financial minds of Europe, and while they had marvelled at their radicalness, they had pronounced them sound, and had offered to furnish the hundred million of dollars required for their execution. ❋ Thomas William Lawson (1891)

That [kickflip] was [radical dude] 😎🤙 ❋ Mo$t_wanted_$ELLY (2017)

Dude ur [mixtape] is radical [Fuck you Jerry] [it's 2015] ❋ Dick Tion Airy (2015)

Did you see [Tony Hawk] [pull off] [the 900]? It was a radical move. ❋ Brendan Aka Benj (2004)

A radical would want to chang, for example, a [feudal system] into a completely capitalist system, or a completely capitalist system into a communist one. Another exaple of [radicalism] would be a person who wanted to change an Islamic Theocracy into an [Atheist state] (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/state_atheism)! ❋ Secular Leftist (2005)

Radical! ❋ ZtoTheObe (2011)

Your my [radicous] ❋ JimmyBoys101 (2020)

Dude 1: you are [radical dude]. Dude 2: [thanks] dude your [radical] too. ❋ MegghanBeCool (2007)

[Geoff]: [Hey man], your [tie] exudes radicity. ❋ GeoffGirardin (2009)

[Skateboards] are [totally radical] [dude]! ❋ Plop And Snot Of The Day (2006)

Jim: (to friend) Hey check it out I got a new snowboard. [Jim's mom]: ([overhearing] conversation) Yeah its [totally radical]. Jim: OK you can go away now. ❋ Shoop (2006)

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